Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Never count them chicks

A good friend once told me, "To assume is to make an ass out of u and me."


That friends is where my thinking capacity reached...will follow up sometime. As for now Merry Christmas. Jesus is the reason.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The wait

The wait.

When God made the heavens
And the earth and the sun,
When he opened His mouth
And life came from His lips-
There was no worry
Not a care, not a thought
For the peace of the man
Who would later be born.

This I speak as a man
Not a God who had a plan,
For His eyes like an eagle
Seeing further than time,
They fathomed and saw
The error to fall,
And from time began
God took thought for man.

For when man was born
And woman from him,
The morning star
with jealousy sought
A way to undress man
Of God's good grace,
To strip Him of might
That was given to him.

And so when he ate
Fruit of conscience,
Flaming swords did check
Man from garden sweet.
And man so groaned
From labour's toils
And death and sickness
Did use him raw.

But God, He was wounded
From fellowship spoiled
He sought man for a friend
But sin did it end.
Yet with eagles' eyes
Seeing farther than time
Yes He had a plan
To bring fellowship back.

But the wait was long
The wait for breath,
For we were dead
In sin of birth.
Ages came, ages went
Still the wait
For His plan to save.

And Abraham and Isaac
And Jacob did wait
And Joseph and Moses
And Joshua did wait.
Rahab, Naomi and Ruth,
Did wait
And all the prophets of
God did wait.

How they hoped to see
The son,
The sun of righteousness
Dawning in man's life.
How they yearned
And hungered for Him
The Prince of Peace
To set them free.

Who would have known
When he would come,
Where he would land
Would be obscure?
A tiny town
A humble couple,
A manger for
The welcome of peace.

Yet did he come
And sheperds did see
And magi did worship
The come saviour king.
And Anna the prophetess
Simeon the priest
Witnessed the arrival
Of salvation of man.

He would live to
Heal the sick
Break the shackles
Set captives free.
He would raise the dead
Proclaim peace
Give his life
And set men free.

But how blessed are we
Who know Him now,
Who no longer wait
For coming Sun.
He has come to live
In our very hearts
And make bridge the wall
That cut us from God.

What a privilege to know
That we have Christ
Who so many champions
Of old waited for.
We have Him in this day and age,
Alive in our hearts.
We have Him!!!! Hallelujah
He lives. Immanuel, God is with us!!

Lord, now You will let Your servant depart in peace, according to Your word.
For my eyes have seen Your Salvation
which You have prepared before the face of all the peoples,
a light for revelation to the nations, and the glory of Your people Israel.
Luke 2:29-32

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dearest Ugandan Girl

Sometimes my world turns into dark shades,
Shadows of black and grey;
The air becomes dry and cold,
Suffocating the warmth of joy;

My life, a rugged canvas of gloom,
Knowing no touch of colour-
The kind of colour
That would turn hope into a comely picture.

But in many of those days darling,
You've been the beautiful stroke of paint
That brings meaning to this canvas,
The vivid wet living colour
That brings beauty to this picture.

You've very often been God's choice paint brush
To bring real beauty and meaning
Back into my life,

so I pray I can also be
God's choice paint brush
To bring real beauty and meaning
Back into your life

Especially when you are low,
Not at peace and feeling sad.

Allow me to be a blessing
In the times life becomes a challenge-
For you've been a cup of delight
In the days my world was a storm.

Love you.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Closing her chapter.

I went for a wedding on Saturday; the Church service. A friend of mine was getting married to a sweetheart. I love weddings- I make sense of them; I'm a freak for aesthetic value. So I prefer the Church service to the reception. I am not going to tell you how the service went, I want to touch on a number of points in today's post so won't have time for that.

Well, going to the wedding, I anticipated to see her coz she is a close friend of the bride nonetheless I was fine, no quaking. I was going to be G.

So church was going on when this graceful light skinned belle walked in in a short black evening dress. Don't worry, I didn't She still looked great. I only saw her from the back but she sat a small distance from me. Later on, I noticed the boyfriend was there with her and I thought, "How noble".

After service ended I greeted some friends I hadn't seen in a while which was great but didn't seem to see her. I didn't mind really, till I began walking to the stage to grab a taxi....Lonesomeness invites deep thought so I began thinking again about her and him. That Saturday I did think about her a whole lot.

However, Monday came. I had an appointment with a friend and as we talked about the biz, I saw her pic and his on a brochure and it struck me. This is what I wanted. I did not particularly want her back in my life, I just wanted to know she was happy. And seeing them here on the brochure as well as on Saturday, I felt peace. On Saturday I was feeling silly coz I had realised the same but was blaming myself for being the problem in their relationship- a jigger, nsekere etc... I had beaten myself up about it on Saturday but with help from a beloved friend, I knew I on the brink of freedom.

So on Monday I realised this is what I wanted for her- to be happy. That smile on her face with him was enough to convince me. I decided to take a step of faith; to be out of her life for good. It is the proof of love I have for her. I want them to be happy.

Thank God that is dealt with.

1Co 13:4,5 Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud;
love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; love does not keep a record of wrongs;

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Woody Tiger

I had to chip in...honest.

It's been a year since the Obamania started and thankfully it is dying down; well I do not hear a lot about him any more anyway. However there is another black man in the media at this time again; also has mixed race blood but difference is his wife is caucasian ((muzungu) and his name too- Tiger Woods.

Barack Obama has an edge (don't ask what kind of edge) over other black American men in the media coz his name sounds African, more like Tupac Shakur (RIP) than Christoper Wallace (RIP) and Tiger Woods.

Now, if any one did not know Tiger and Obama they would instinctively think the latter was African and the former muzungu. However, the point here is not the man's name.

I find it annoying each day when big news networks like CNN give "breaking news" on Tiger Woods, over issues like "new information about the night of Tiger's car accident" or "Tiger's mother-in-law admitted with stomach issues" or "He asked mistress not to leave her name on the voice mail"! I mean blistering thunderballs, the man is not Jesus Christ!

Can we all be perfect all the time? I don't think Tiger Woods was a role model for men, maybe golfers but not many men, instead he was a role model-husband for many women out there and that is where the women who were interviewed on CNN annoy me- for saying things like "If Tiger cheated, won't my husband cheat too?"! Double dang!

It would be great to see men who are good and faithful husbands (I believe these exist although they may be far from the public eye) but when a good man falls, why make a spectacle out of it? Yes, he has had extra marital affairs and that is bad! But the man has admitted his "transgressions" and wants to change. Why do the devil's job for him? Condemn the poor man?

The truth is all have sinned and fall short of God's glory. No one can claim to be perfect there fore it is no use wallowing and making fun of one man's speck when we have logs. Let God judge, leave Tiger alone.

There is good news even in this trouble, we are justified freely by His (GOD) grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus;

Many of us have messed up, that ain't the end, God wants your salvation not your punishment. Let Tiger sort himself out as we also do ourselves, coz I remember Christ said to the men who wanted to condemn the adulterous woman of adultery:

But as they continued to ask Him, He lifted Himself up and said to them, He who is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.
And again bending down, He wrote on the ground.
And hearing, and being convicted by conscience, they went out one by one, beginning at the oldest, until the last. And Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst.
And bending back up, and seeing no one but the woman, Jesus said to her, Woman, where are the ones who accused you? Did not one give judgment against you?
And she said, No one, Lord. And Jesus said to her, Neither do I give judgment. Go, and sin no more. (Joh 8:7-11)

Eze 18:23 Do I actually delight in the death of the wicked? says the Lord Jehovah. Is it not that he should turn from his ways and live?


Meanwhile, I am looking forward to Christmas, are you?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Maria has chucked me

Maria left me. She did; sneaked and ran from me. You see me and Maria had history. I remember that first time we met in the shop on Ben Kiwanuka street, she shone like a star. Understand there were so many beautiful girls in the shop, all waiting for their suitor. Maria was beautiful, she had smooth looking black arms; her face adorned with subtle jewellery, she swept me off my feet.

She was a faithful friend. She was there with me when I joined campus, comforted me in that mean 1st year. She stayed with me through all the three years of campus- seeing my frustration, joy, peace, disappointment...she was there. She was always there.

When I left campus she never left me, sticking by me all the time. In exams, tests, PrimeTime, Dinners, Beach bashes- all of it, everything. She helped me wake up and read for tests and exams. With her I could never miss an appointment. She cared deeply for me.

But recently, she seemed to have gotten tired of me. She lost heart, like once or twice and everytime that happened I bought her a new heart. She attempted to cut off her arms, so I would not be able to hug her; but everytime she did, I bought her new arms...nothing would stop me from being with her forever.

However, even her smile faded; her gentle face became rough. Why? What had I done Maria? Yes, there were times those girls came into our lives, but I never accepted them, I wanted her only!

But today she decided to leave. She, who has all our memories , at least ever since I left secondary school. How could she leave? Maria!?

Today I thought she was with me when we were leaving Makerere but when I turned I did not see her. I turned back, walked all the way back looking for her but she was not to be found. How could she?

Maria left me guys and without her I cannot tell the time. I guess my only option is to find a girl like her, preferably from the Casio tribe.

Monday, November 16, 2009

When the morning challenges your elation...

Generally, mornings choose when they will be good to you.

This particular morning, I woke up early enough. I woke up with a good feeling but more than I asked God to be the Don today over all my issues. However, it wasn't long after that that my morning decided acting weird towards me. I had to go early to office and finish up some work but as I walked away from home, I felt my pockets and did not feel my phone. I could not go to work without my phone, it was an important business medium for me and moreover today in particular.

So I head back home,go to the places I am sure I was before I left and try to find the phone. Bedroom, dining, living, quarters, back to the bedroom, living, dining, phone. The clock was ticking. I should be frantic by now. I then remember, it was in a jacket...I go, by God's grace find it and leave the house again.

Phew! That episode could easily have cost me some joy and happiness but it didn't.

Now, at the office. I have a print job. However, before the printing, I must do some final editing. I do what I think is obvious and final and tell my baby printer to do her job. So I put on some tracks, bang my head to the beats, whistle and swagger to the rhythm, knowing all is well. Then half way through the job, I look at one of the pieces of work and notice an omission! A two-word omission! That should be no problem if I was printing for myself- I simply would have added the missing words with a pen but this is for an important client!

My head does a small tango with confusion and then I decide, I need to make the call. Thank God I had not forgotten the phone in the first place coz then I would have had to look for a payphone and I doubt there would be any at that time.

So I make the call, relay my predicament. The voice on the other side sounds dismayed-- WHAT???? YOU GOTTA PRINT NEW ONES!! Oh shucks! So, I have to go to Nasser, purchase paper and head back to office. All this time, I have two pending pieces of work, thankfully neither clients have called ---YET.

The sojourn to town lasted an hour and cost me 10k. So I head back to office. There, the cartridges seem to have issues. Time is going. Then UMEME does it's thing!! I might have lost my head there...but thankfully I wasn't printing at the time, I was still trying to fix the printer.

Generator goes on, I fix the printer and start the job again. The work is needed soon so I should normally be under pressure, however, something is right with me today.

A few copies are still printing (at the moment I wrote this) but thank God in all this time with all the opportunity to complain, I gave thanks and trusted God. Yeah, even that time when my face contorted itself, I still whispered an I thank you and acknowledged God is in control. God is the one in things, and I am his beloved therefore I am also in things.

I have learned a lesson for the morning-do not depend on your elation when you wake up, rather make a decision to let God deal with any unexpected stuff or surprises.
He is Lord of all.

BASELINE: Col 1:16,17 For all things were created in Him, the things in the heavens, and the things on the earth, the visible and the invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers, all things were created through Him and for Him.And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist.

Joh 8:12 Then Jesus spoke again to them, saying, I am the Light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Twitter menace?

There was a time I was such an introvert that I even kept away from social networking sites because I thought..what's the use? Anyhow, after getting myself onto blogger, i made a move to facebook- that thing people say is anti-Christ(nga they never say anti-Muhammad?)and well at the beginning it was a drag and then it became exciting; why? I could hook up with friends all over the world and exchange thoughts, discuss work, tease the girl who rejected me in s.3(that's a story i should tell, bambi her embarrassment these days) and lots of stuff.

However, I got to a point and well, I was content with facebook. I had the friends not too many-a manageable number; then I began to wonder, how about people with over 200 friends? How do they manage that number? I began worrying, thinking I had very few friends. Everyone else had over 200, me? A manageable number. Well while that was there, I had sworn not to join new social networking sites coz they just demand too much time notwithstanding the fact, I keep getting invitations from close people to join new ones but always declining them. I never knew that one day this kid sis of mine would convince me to join twitter. She was quite convincing "all you do is post status updates". So I thought, cool; none of that facebook stuff like tagging and pictures and stuff. So I signed up.

I liked it. I mean, all I do is post what I am doing or what I am thinking. Now one wonders why that would be important. Well, it's an easy way of communicating with many people at once without sending an email and all that techy redtape. Better still, the 27th Comrade pointed us to a 2299 thingy which made tweeting so addictive I couldn't get away.

However, there are repercussions. How come blogging is relegated to tweeting? Eh? One of the first things I check when I get to work is to check what's on I even relegated facebook. You see, twitter is just posting mere one or two lines; blogging is literature, art, beauty. Twitter had almost taken that away. I feel ashamed sometimes but then all is not so bad. If I were to count the number of tweets I have sent, they are around 700 which is a little over the word limit of a newspaper article. Much less than the number of words I have posted through my blog. And then some tweeples and tweepettes decide to take over and play kawuna on twitter- (bambi kid sis it's not nugu).

Anyway, besides that, I wonder sometimes, Christ was a social person. He loved people and talking with them and being with them. Do you ever think if He were in this generation, He would be on twitter or facebook? Just asking.......

I thought about leaving twitter but I gave it another try. So I am going to be nice to those who play kawuna on twitter and to blogger.

Otherwise seriously, a mouthpiece is not something that should be taken for granted. There is power in a mouthpiece. It proclaims good news. It gives warnings, advice, counsel.There is so much positive change you can cause with a mouthpiece.

In olden times, people had to run distances to give warnings, proclaim good news and all that stuff. They encountered dangers like storms, wild animals, robbers, all because they had to pass on a message. It was important to transmit that message, the message was more important than the messenger because his life was on the line for it.

Imagine then the power in twitter, facebook, blogger, wordpress when you have a message to transmit, especially when it's a good message, especially when it's the good message? It's not something that can be taken for granted. Thank God for this technology and for the good that it can do.

BASELINE: Proverbs 13:17 A wicked messenger falls into mischief, but a faithful ambassador is health.
Pro 25:13 Like cold snow in the time of harvest, so is a faithful messenger to his senders; for he makes return to his master's soul.

Monday, November 09, 2009


I love the word resurrection. In fact I love words that have a re- at the start. Renewal, Revival, Reignition. Basically in life, sometimes fuel reserves run out and the engine goes cold. So, when an engine goes cold it must be fired up again, reignited. Thank God for re-.

Anyhow, most of y'all know I was down for sometime- yeah, my energy reserves had run low and I wasn't recharging hence the breakdown and subsequent drastic solutions. Given 3 units of human chlorophyll plus lots of water and morphine.

I knew morphine was narcotic but I no longer believe it. You see in those times when the pain has exceeded my capacity to hide it, only a strong drug can calm me down. Usually it is one called pethidine. I love pethidine, coz it has a floaty feeling. It stings you and then gives you wings, kind of like how they say Red Bull does. But this time I only got one sting then they put me on morphine. Morphine does nadda. It comes from behind and drugs you. You don't even see it coming. However it puts you sleep still.

Sorry about the rant...but how does one get addicted on something they don't sense? I couldn't see morphine coming but I could see pethidine. I think it is easier to get addicted to the latter, nont that I am addicted.

So anyway I was admitted, but this time I had really been a bad boy. Aunt told me I had never gotten a transfusion since I was 2 and they blamed it on my eating habits and lack of rest. Yeah, they blame it on Chicken Tonight. Chicken Tonight gives me the illusion that I have eaten enough for the day so I rarely take breakfast and supper. You see one time even my aunt complained that I no longer eat at home. She must have been wondering whether I had a woman.

And then Pastor Joseph Prince advised one time if we do not get enough rest, we usually find ourselves resting along with many other people in a large room. Yep, that happened to me.

Well, as I was there, death came just on the next bed; a lady passed away after fighting for her life unsuccesfully. I heard the doctors fidgeting with Oxygen and stuff and trying to keep her alive, she was moaning at the time. When she stopped, I knew. Immediately after that, wails and sobs and shrieks. There was something dark about the atmosphere. I think I lost a tear in the process.

But people showed me love, I appreciated that and the fact that I am not alone. I got friends. The guy over at Sleek and Wild, The Rogue King, The Rising Page, Darlyne, Streetsider, Heaven of the Fluorescent,Johnny23, Normzo, Sibo, Rhinorck, all the guys at BASIC Family, the delightful UgandanGirl, my family, my friends, even relatives many guys said a prayer for me and that means a lot. Thanks everyone and God bless you.

Otherwise, I have resurrected. Been told to eat like a pig and drink like a fish so donations are most welcome. I thank God for life coz people, don't take it for granted. It is a blessing just to breathe and have no pain in your body. Gove God the Glory.

Otherwise, it's time for Christmas. Peace to all.

BASELINE:And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. (1 John 5:11)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Your monthly dosage of BHH is here.

Well,I've not been particularly "bloggy" this month; I missed even Chanel's baby shower... I have so much on my mind but so little morale naye perhaps in due time, my zone will come back. However I shall be there for the Happy Hour. Come one Come all.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Innocence again

Gone are the days when 200 Shillings came in a note and was worth one's sumptuous breakfast.

I will finish this post....

Monday, October 05, 2009

Bill Gates could buy those of Kikwete.

You think Uganda is doing badly in terms of GDP? We are not doing so badly.

Check this (

Bill Gates, America's richest man with a net worth of $50 billion, has a personal balance sheet larger than the gross domestic product (GDP) of 140 countries, including Costa Rica, El Salvador, Bolivia and Uruguay. The Microsoft (MSFT) visionary's nest egg is just short of the GDP of Tanzania and Burma.

Warren Buffett, who lost $10 billion in the past 12 months and is this year's Forbes 400 biggest dollar loser, still has a fortune the size of North Korea's economy at $40 billion. (The Oracle of Omaha probably would steer clear of that investment, though.)

One Forbes 400 member does actually run a small chunk of a state in an official capacity: Mayor Michael Bloomberg. While he is busy serving as the chief executive of New York City and grappling with its sluggish economy, his own personal balance sheet -- amassed through financial information services and media company Bloomberg LP -- equals the value of all the goods and services produced in South Africa's Republic of Zambia's ($17.5 billion).

Some say that land developer Donald Bren, whose assets throughout the vicinity of Orange County, Calif., include 475 office buildings, 115 apartment communities, 41 retail centers, resort properties and new housing, runs Orange County -- he certainly owns most of it. And with a net worth of $12 billion, he could, in theory, buy Haiti's economy, too.

Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson's $9 billion net worth is akin to the Bahamas' GDP ($9 billion). Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay (EBAY), the world's biggest auction marketplace, could theoretically control Somalia's market with his $5.5 billion fortune.

George Lucas, the famed Hollywood director behind the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises and ILM, the world's most bankable special effects shop, has a $3 billion fortune, making him worth as much as the GDP of Guyana.

Hedge fund founder David Shaw's $2.5 billion net worth parallels Belize's marketplace.

Investor John Paulson amassed much of his fortune by exploiting the real estate bubble and shorting the subprime market in 2007. Today he has a net worth of $6.8 billion -- the equivalent of Montenegro's gross domestic product.

Although Eli Broad's fortune suffered because of AIG's (AIG) collapse last fall -- he's lost $1.3 billion in the last 12 months -- he still has a bank account that rivals Barbados' economy ($5.4 billion).

Forbes 400 members with net worths just under $1 billion still possess fortunes that could operate the economies of significant fractions of the globe. Gary Magness, who owns water rights in Colorado through his ranch holdings, has a net worth of $990 million, which barely exceeds Vanuatu's GDP ($988.5 million).

If this year's three poorest Forbes 400 members were to combine their wealth (a combined $2.9 billion), their amassed fortune would be worth more than the workings of Belize's entire economy.

Copyrighted, All rights reserved.

From here.

Otherwise, this morning God ashamed me when I had jammed to wake up, spot what he told me:

"Go to the ant, sluggard; consider her ways and be wise;
who, having no guide, overseer, or ruler,
provides her food in the summer and gathers her food in the harvest.
How long will you sleep, O sluggard? When will you arise out of your sleep?
A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to lie down;
so shall your poverty come as one who travels, and your need like an armed man."

I was so ashamed I hurried out of bed. Maybe this week I will get that message good and get up early.

Blessed Week. (The words were from Proverbs 6:6-11)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Truth and faith.

1st things 1st.

I found a great site of hymns. It plays for you the tune as you read the lyrics. So it is a nice way of learning hymns. Start by listening to "Come, Let us Join our friends above" You will love it.

Also there's a great post here.

I was thinking about life, about the questions everyone asks but no one seems to know the answer to- questions like who am I? Why am I here? Where did we come from?

Of the groups that have attempted to answer them, very prominent are religious ones: people who believe that in order for us to exist, there is; or in some places, are creators who willed life and it came to pass. There are those who however digress and suggest life is simply a grand mistake brought about by unintended collision, such are known as evolutionists or big bang theorists.

In all there are two kinds of people trying to answer the questions I mentioned earlier- those who believe in a higher power (s) and those who do not.

Which brings me to my second issue: faith. Faith to me is what the heart chooses to believe and sticks to. Faith is what someone believes is truth. Theists all believe in God but there is a lot more to consider than just God. Which God? For example is one of the things that break up this group into much smaller ones. Different places have different views on this,- There are those who believe in Odin, others in Allah, others in Jehovah, others in Jesus, others in Buddha etc.. They all believe in a god but disagree on which God is the true God. Essentially, due to the places they are, all have a different history of who God is and so do not agree with others' history given that a history of a particular people is unique.

There are the atheists, who seemingly have no disagreement because to them, there is no God, period. However they disagree with the earlier group based also on history and scientific claims. They say, life came about due to an accident and forces came together to cause life. This is their faith. They cannot readily prove to 100% sureness that we are how we are because of the accidental forces but are willing to go with it.

So, with all these differing views, can they all be correct? Of course not. Truth is not a harlot, truth is a woman of honor, she does not change with the weather or the popular crowd. Truth remains faithful to herself. There is only one truth so despite all these differing views only one is correct. All others are wrong. So, the question is which is correct? Can we know for sure?

That's where the issue of faith comes in. A man's spirit does not depend on proofs- it deals with peace. Restlessness points out to a man's soul a need for peace, a need for rest.

I have listened to the sayings of many, read the proofs of others and have not found much peace as in the words of Jesus. I am not preaching. Just sharing my views. Many have conspiracy theories about who Christ was; some say he was just a man, others a prophet, others- a great teacher, others call him God. He is the subject of contention in many religious and atheistic circles. Many agree on Buddha, Muhammad, Confucious, even Obama, but with Christ... He could have been a rebel leader as some book says.

Why? I don't know. Some say it is because no man has ever claimed to be a God before and when he did that he made others smaller. But I do not care. He talked of compassion, he sat with the weary and burdened, he encouraged- did not cast down, he loved, he cared, he healed, and most importantly he died on account of others, not himself.

He is one teacher who did not do any self searching. He knew who he was from the time he was born. All he did, he did with purpose. Other teachers were looking for truth, he was explaining truth. He did not need reassurance, did not get depressed on account of identity, he knew his purpose from his childhood.He was I am.

I find strength in his words. I find hope in his words. I find grace in his words. I find life in his words.

That is my faith. That is my truth.

Jesus Christ, son of God, saviour of the world and lover of my soul.

1Co 15:14 And if Christ has not been raised, then our proclamation is worthless, and your faith is also worthless. 1Co 15:17,18 And if Christ is not raised, your faith is foolish; you are yet in your sins. If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.

Col 2:8 Beware lest anyone rob you through philosophy and vain deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the elements of the world, and not according to Christ.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Being the Hot girl.

Disclaimer: I am not a girl.

Being a guy makes it normal for me to notice fair looking maidens. I am a guy after all and when i see a fair looking maiden, I appreciate and in my mind say hullo and start a meaningful friendship which at one point in time may end up (at this point I was not responsible for the things coming out of the tips of my fingers)…

Anyway, I know a hot girl when I see one and I also know that when I see a hot girl all other men who have seen her have also noticed that she is a hot girl.

I know two types of hot girls: Those who know they are hot and those who do not. Now among those who know they are hot, there are those who are humble and then there are those who are proud. Despite the classifications, men do not care whether one is proud or humble, all they know is they have seen a hot girl and some men will react.

There are men who will spare nothing and abandon being cordial and tell the hot girl what it is, then there are those men who will be as polite as possible and try to befriend the hot girls. All in all, when one is a hot girl, she will get attention from men.

I am trying to understand how hot girls handle attention because I know a number who seem like they have trouble with it. I have noticed the behavior of hot girls and am coming to a conclusion. Hot girls who are humble try to do lots of things. They are caught up in lots of activities. They usually have a lot on their hands in an attempt to try and and avoid the amount of attention coming their way. Generally it is hard to approach them because they are always in a hurry- got to do rehearsals, got a photo shoot, got got got got….wabula they are hard.

As for the proud ones, they are available and have time on their hands BUT lots of attitude. They on the other hand are approachable, but one needs killer suaveness to break their defences. The good thing is sometimes length of persistence brings dividends with these proud ones.

There was a hot girl I knew. Unfortunately she wasn’t proud, she was shy. Why unfortunately? She and I became friends, and that was the end of my aspirations. Naye that is not the point. I want feedback. How does it feel being the hot girl? iS WHAT i have said true? Or not?

Friday, September 25, 2009

BHH and old flames

I did not intend it to happen again, but again there are some things in life we have no control over.

I was minding my business, looking for socks and a pair of shoes I had misplaced and out of the corner of my eye noticed her staring at me. I ignored her at first, I thought that it would pass and she would mind her business. Well it did; I left the room went to find something else but had to come back to this room to pick a brush. I saw her again. She just couldn't stop staring. So I stared back and oh, my- nostalgia.

You see it could have been her even though she wasn't- her big round eyes, big lips, soft brown skin, felt so near at the moment. I kept looking, she kept looking as if saying "this you'll never have". The thing is she was in a white wedding gown, looking as gorgeous and angelic as ever. MY eyes almost watered because my heart seemed to be overwhelmed, memories came running back. She was stolen from me by the jealous fates. Our paths seem to ever cross but never interwine.

It wasn't her but the picture reminded me of her- they looked alike, there was something in her eyes that reminded me of her- was it the love I wanted in vain?

Dayem!! All this emotion unleashed by a simple advert on a piece of paper- "The New ColourChrome Digital Studios".

I would like to begin with saying, SilverBow are you in Kampala, let alone Uganda? You see there was a time you threatened to show up at BHH and see some "blogren" but to my surprise, you never showed up. Even Chanel, I thought you would make a brief appearance just so we could see your wonderful bulge before we come for the BS. Be Silent, why have you muted your attendance at BHH? For Antipop... Normzo missed BHH, now that was a surprise! Sleek, Heaven, Baz, B2B, what's goin on? Work? Relatives?

BHH started late generally, around 7:45pm coz that's the time I arrived. When I showed up, I found Rev and Delilah "bonding"- yes it was PG 9- they were just Anyway, shortly after I arrived, Dee skipped in like a little red riding hood gaily (which means happily not sexually attracted to the people of the same sex-just in case GUG is reading)all shining with bling I originally thought was all from Delhi. She had this beautiful bag with different colours and shiny stuff on it, from Delhi, but the ring and earing mbu were purchased one point Dee and Del were talking about jewelry and one thing I picked is that silver jewelry is expensive.

It didn't take long for people to start trickling in- Xiona came in and for a while talked with Rev about how to have nice dreads. I was completely foreign to their choice of discourse because...

A little later Safyrez dropped in and while Rev quizzed me about the name "nevender" Simon got to talking with Xiona about cars; so there is one more lady I know who knows more about cars than I do in addition to Carlo. SoloKing came in a while after and engaged Dee in techno talk.

Johnny popped in looking like a slimmer B2B who on the night was inconspicuously missing, however he did not come with any "friends". Ivan also popped in and went around greeting people, ignoring those of us with uncool phones like 2300s. Dude is half man half comedy. There was a time when some guys came with screens on their chests displaying adverts for an event to be held at Kyadondo Rugby Club "Go Together Know Together" nga Ivan starts joking about stopping them in their tracks and tuning to Straka's late show...dude!! Rhino revved into the foray with gusto and warmth at which point the infamous L was formed.

Carlo and Dante came in later at which point I noticed Johnny had disappeared.

Well, the trendy topics included UTL's cool service- 2299. I am one of those who is well addicted to this thing. I mean I can tweet from my 2300- how cool is that? And that we have the coder in our midst, us mere mortals? wOW. By the way, join up at twitter on UTL and share your username, it means people like me can text you for free with the cool chat function it has...this thing is offshizzy!

At one point I engaged Rev in talk about God and religion and this was a very spirited discussion considering Rev was at one time ministering to the table with his fingers. Bambi, Delilah at one got worried and had to ask me if I was being assaulted...hehe. Well I love talking about such stuff and well Rev has a treasure of info about God, but well I wish he could share.

On the plus, got me some comps to x2020 tonight courtesy of Solo King. Will hook up with Rhino over design and I met Abid Were the guy of Workzine. He is apparently an OB of FCIT, I think he forgot that. Oh and he mentioned that my leg got better, well at one time I was on crutches but an act of faith caused me to drop the crutches and walk!! Amen! Haha.

BHH was great. Good attendance and good fun. I am looking forward to the next. Thanks Rev and Rhino for the Mirinda and Alvaro.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Friends and lovers, Priests and canons, interns and bosses, this is for you.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Role of GNL Zamba in Uganda's future

NOTE: To all international press: Al Jazeera, CNN, BBC etc, people who come from Buganda are called Baganda, not Bugandans. Please, it insults me when you call me a Bugandan. I am Ugandan but a Muganda by tribe. Okay? Not Bugandan.

After the riots that occurred into and over the weekend, many of us began asking ourselves whether there can truly be a peaceful coexistence between the central government and the Mengo government.It's sad because these conflicts usually occur in areas where ethnicity is something to be treasured above nation.

There is this misconception that people have underlying dislike for those from different areas of the nation however, I would like to differ. Like UgInsomniac noted, many of us who grew up in the youth of our President's governance do not focus on ethnicity. I cannot name 10 very close friends of mine that are the same tribe as mine, I have been blessed to have friends from all over the nation.

However, we are under the wrong impression that we can frown at each other which is not true. The riots only serve to show the government that there are very many aimless young adults who have seen too many Terminator and Rambo movies and now want to jump into the action and see what it feels like. For these I offer a solution, Open large 3d cinemas where these youth enter for free as long as they can help in keeping the streets clean.

Anyway, that is just my beating around the bush. I believe there are people in our society apart from the government, religious and cultural institutions who have a lot of influence on the people of this sweet land Uganda.

We have a new class of Ugandans- the celebs, who if they wanted could have a big say in the way our youth behave.

There is a chameleone who is known for encouraging people to go to work and forget about talkers but of late he is focusing too much on Bayuda, he is not my kind of role model anymore. There is a cool cool bar who of late has come back with a boom but still the way he cried over his wife's departure, "girly". There is a Dee who knows how to take people's minds off big issues, he just says "mulumulumu" and people get down and crawl. I don't know any others (stop nudging me BM, who? Radio and who...I don't know them.)

For one, this Muganda called Zamba who went to school at MUBS and ended up iconic superstar (ani yali'amanyi)can do a lot to positively influence our young people. He is a model of our President's dream of the role of traditional institutions in our country-to preserve culture and language. One of my friends said " Oyo gaayi awomesa oluganda" (That guy makes Luganda sweet.) Music is a powerful force which he has used much to the amusement of many people, even those from outside Buganda.

You see guys, musicians have a big role to play in this time. And interestingly many of the big names in Ug music are Baganda. Music has an enchanting force about it. It can easily cause people to do what they should not and vice versa.

I am a proponent for peace and reconciliation in the whole of Uganda. In fact I want to adopt a tribe each month of the year so I can learn these peoples cultures and come to love the diversity of my nation more. Music has a big role to play. I implore all those with the gift and talent to put in effort and encourage people to do the right thing and go for love and unity and work so as to build the nation. I don't think Obamas have to be presidents only, they can be GNLs, Chameleones, Bugembes- people who can inspire others to rise above silly sentiments.

Those are my two cents.

Baseline: But I exhort you, brothers, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing and that there be no divisions among you; but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment. Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you, or were you baptized in the name of Paul? 1Co 1:10,13

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cerebral Pandemonium

Things were rolling smoothly, I was up there gliding in my Batman suit over the calm city night watching young lovers hand in hand taking a stroll under the silent drone of the yellow street lights. Time check- 7:58pm.

I decided to settle upon a high rooftop. It was quiet here. There were no lights up here so I could clearly see all that was taking place below me, down in the nonchalant city. The calmness was searing- it evoked a desire for real peace; not this masked appearance of fearlessness.

The building I was atop had blue windows and white tiles. A man died here last week. He jumped from the 14th floor and split his head dying instantly. This man certainly masked whatever madness he had boiling inside him. Reports said he looked happy just before his suicide.

Another man died in this same building, tried to stab his girlfriend too before he took himself out. I wondered, what was I doing on this building? What if some wraith took me out of the blue and threw me off the ledge?

My inner turmoil was proving to be more than my resolve could handle. So I set off and headed to a lone alley. I had left my batmobile there. As I landed, I heard a screeching sound just next to the alley and as I turned to look, my car screamed right past me...


I throw a grapnel at the speeding car and am pulled along in an amazingly turbulent fashion. I'm trying to get a look at the person inside at the same time dodging debris in the road. I start to hear people screaming, saying things like " Batman's gone crazy" and "Batman's been cloned" and "Batman's got a twin brother!"

I was perplexed. At a sharp turn, I caught a glimpse of the man in my car.
This was no stranger,

it was myself.

Baseline:"Yo, We at war
We at war with terrorism, racism, and most of all we at war with ourselves..." Kanye West.

"Then Jesus said to His disciples, If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me. " Matthew 16:24

Monday, September 07, 2009

Interesting Bride Price.

There is an argument against bride price: it is simply the selling of women to men so is inhumane and treats women as property.

Why would I put a price on my daughter if I wanted her to be treated as a priceless gem? I am not against kwanjula or introduction as it is normally referred to, the ceremony where the bride is given away to the groom- I am just against the showy nature of families when participating in this ceremony.

Unlike it's name- "introduction", this ceremony has more or less become a point of sale. The woman is given away after certain terms and conditions are accepted and an amount of commodities has been exchanged.

These days, when the "bako" (in-laws) promise "appreciation" which in true sense is part of the bride price to the bride's family, they unleash an entire supermarket sometimes including hardware shops and carpentry work shops.

A certain man must have been left cursing when he went to be introduced by his Mutooro chick. They had agreed on four Fresian cows which meant 2 million shillings, but when they got there a certain "elder" decided to demand for 10 cows instead and insisted on it. After long bargaining, the elder cut down his demands to 7 cows. Surely, if I were the man, I would have thanked the lady for her good gesture of introducing me to parents but then would humbly submit my resignation letter thereafter.

Some elders think these men who are to take away their daughters should be milked dry which in many cases causes social dysfunctions like violence in homes and the like. I think introduction is noble but when it is over done- becomes more of a social class event, it loses meaning.

I would like a simple one, not too many people- just a humble thing. A friend of mine would prefer a "kukyala" only- where it is a private thing between the two families. I think that would be nice too.

But did you hear of this weird bride price some long time ago. This King was jealous of one of his subjects because he was killing more enemies in battle and apparently this caused one of his daughters to admire this guy so much. So he made a plan mbu he wanted to give her away to this man but the bride price was a must.

Can you imagine the bride price? 100 foreskins.

I almost died. You can get the story here- 1 Sam 18:25.

But thank God for Christ, who gave the ultimate price for his bride- His life. He spared nothing but gave all.

In view of all this, what can we say? If God is for us, who can be against us?
Certainly not God, who did not even keep back his own Son, but offered him for us all! He gave us his Son---will he not also freely give us all things? Romans 8:31,32 (You'd do good to read the whole chapter).

Much love and great week.

God bless

Monday, August 31, 2009

Don’t let it get hard.

Our bodies were made in such a way that if certain parts get harder than they are supposed to, then there is bound to be some sort of entering of new worlds. Most times when those parts get hard, the brain tends to lose a stake in the actions of the person and henceforth, the chemicals of the body take over.

There is a certain potency yet danger that hard things possess; for example a spear can easily cut through the skin of any lion because the spear’s skin is harder than the lion’s skin. Another example is a stone and water; it is much easier for a stone to penetrate the surface of water than for vice versa to occur.

Let us not be mistaken, not all manner of hardness is bad but there is that which is in the wrong place and can prove to be lethal.

By the way, I hope we are all on the right track here- when a man’s heart hardens and never relents, there is cause for alarm.

During the LRA war in Northern Uganda, the LRA commanders turned their young captives into mean killing machines by simply forcing them to harden their hearts. These poor souls were forced into slaying men, women and fellow children as a means of turning them into the deadly soldiers that would later fight the nation’s defence force.

These children at first may have wanted not to kill but under duress they did and when they learnt how to, their hearts closed off all sort of remorse and in essence became hardened to humanity.

In the absence of love, our hearts easily harden. They became as rocks driven by forces of desire for survival and without being checked soon become boulders.

In my journey with God, I have realized that the importance of keeping fellowship with God and His Word is as important as keeping alive, as staying sane, as staying human. A child may be born of a woman yet if he is raised by chimpanzees, he will believe he is a chimp too. What he sees around him and what he hears do not associate with anything else apart from chimp-hood so even though he may be human by birth, he becomes a chimp by heart.

In the same way, when we do not read God’s word, speak with Him and fellowship with other brethren, it is easy to forget who we are and take on the characteristics of those we fellowship more often with. Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that we completely isolate ourselves as monks in the mountain sides but rather be the beacons in the societies we live in.

However, bad company corrupts good morals no matter how devoted one is. Fellowship with God and believers is crucial. Paul the New Testament Apostle had ministry partners, Jesus moved with disciples, people he was mentoring; John who was more like a monk, fellowshipped with God. These men did not forget their identity and thus were effective.

Thus, when we let our hearts harden by not reading God’s word, fellowshipping and praying, little by little our old mind revives and deceives us that we are still of an old fallen nature, yet in reality we are not- we are actually God’s children but because our hearts are hard, we do not believe or even know that truth anymore.

The further one goes from God, the harder his heart gets thus making it easier for him to sin. Therefore, never let your heart harden. Keep remembrance of God’s word all the time lest it become easier to lie, cheat, lust, steal, take a bribe etc. The first attempt sometimes is the most lethal- whether a lie, a lustful glance, an acceptance of a bribe- it becomes addictive if unchecked with God’s cleansing water- His Word.

Keep your heart soft- keep in fellowship with God, His Word and His people.

Eph 5:26 that He might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the Word,

Great week.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


The first time I heard about cell I didn't understand it. I thought it was Christians acting way too closed and over spiritual with issues. My thoughts were "What's up with that?" That was in my s.6 vac. Yes, I was born again but for six years I had been struggling to maintain my Christian faith in an environ where I thought that Christians were too unfriendly.

I recall in s.2. I used to sit by myself in class , at the very front just near the door, looking down from my desk at an orange hard cover Good News Bible, reading God's word. I wonder if I understood what I used to read then. That and sermons on LTV/TBN was what kept me going. But I never remember it as thrilling. It was war. I was very dedicated I don't know.

Those days Christians were very devoted, and kept a close knit society. Many looked at us as weirdos- holier than thou and unfriendly. All we wanted to do was get people saved. Our attitude as far as I remember was not so friendly but somehow people got saved. But I never felt part of family. I never felt like I belonged. Especially s.1 to s.4, coz most of the saved people I knew in my class were girls and I was a day scholar, they were in boarding. And they were not so friendly either. My tight guy friends were not into God that much so I had a struggle of keeping Christian on my own.

A' level was different, there were guys who made me belong- actually, I had joined Boarding in s.6. I remember one of them was called Solomon, my earliest taste of Christian kinship.

In campus, my world opened up. God opened up things. People came into my life, that's where I and some of my friends started BASIC Family which is today a place I can call home. It was the Family I chose. It was where I first experienced faith, fun and family all in one package. These guys blessed me. And they continue to bless me.

But apart from BASIC, there was what was called Powerpoints. They were initiated by MCC, where I was for sometime then left later on. However one thing I have noticed is without friendship in these small group settings, what ensues is religion. People just go because they have to not because it's a delight to go.

I joined KPC and joined a cell at campus. I attended this cell even after graduation for many reasons, one of them being an unsuccessful attempt at wooing. I realised after that that Nev was grown up and had to attend a grown up cell. So I signed up for cell and was excited but never joined that cell.

It was later on after I passed by some house near home with a C (Cell) sign that I decided to go for cell.

I hit cell nirvana.

I love my cell! Oba it's the cake and milk tea? Oba it's the nice place? Even though all those factors contribute to making cell a good one, I think what I love most is the people. No bigotry in this cell. Everyone is free to air their views without being shut down. If there's any issue, the Word will solve it. The people are warm and open, no one has airs of religion or importance, down right home Church.

This is what I was missing when I was in O level. Now I have it. People to help me grow. To encourage me. To pray with me/ for me. To laugh with me. It is wonderful having cell with these people.

So every Wednesday, I look forward to leaving office at 6pm. Grabbing a taxi to Soya and attending cell!

You can come too. Just holla and we can make for you a welcoming committee.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009


On the 201st date you decided to act like a snake? Woman...shya?

I loved you. And you threw dust in my eyes....mffffssssss...ngenze...

if you wanna find me- go over to for her she loves me for real.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

firefox gave me a laugh!

I remember when I was learning HTML and WEB in class where they told us about those error codes that browsers relay, like code 404, 505,441 all meaning things a lay man could understand but covered up in numbers and stuff.

And then my firefox showed me this!

(click on the image for a clearer view)

I hahad....thank God for cool coders.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lonely man.

"I want more than a lonely nation..." Switchfoot

She's a wraith that runs with the wind
A song that's lost with the lips
All I can trace are footsteps in the sand,
And a scent of loveliness that soon wanes.

She's gone away.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

How deep is your love...?

Love is as important as food. Without love, hate devours all life in us and leaves us dry, withered and without empathy for others.

Trails of bloodied innocence.

Accosted by flames of passion,
In a moment he'd become a monster.

One cannot imagine how we get to that point when there is no black, no white just shades of grey. Where we couldn't make the difference between right and wrong. Where all we wanted was a quick release of tension. A child would became a woman, a woman a child.

He would bang the door shut while the poor old woman banged on it in vain. He would be left alone with the little girl. While the woman wept, releasing a river of sorrow- inside it got quiet.

He removed his belt and told her to undress. Silence.Then wham! He warned her, and asked if she was deaf. He ordered her again. Her eyes gazed at him; they had no fear in them, only light. She looked deeply into his eyes and a smile broke on her face.

He drew back, confounded like a mad man. His passions waning. He attempted to kill the sanity and raised his hand to slap her...

The words struck him like bullets through the heart, he was undone;

"Daddy, I love you."

The words came out in a tiny peaceful and contented voice. After 3 years of incest, she still loved him- he was her father.


Question: How far does your love go?

Baseline: Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud; love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; love does not keep a record of wrongs;
love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth. 1Co 13:4-6 (GNB)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The comedy of life is in its sarcasms.


(Carey has denied ever having a romantic relationship with Eminem)

Mary is the girl whose innocent looks and name abate any suspicion of evil from her virgin soul. The first time you lay eyes on Mary, there is a breeze that wafts through your soul. She looks angelic- kikumi ku kikumi (100%).


(Eminem has insisted there was one.)

Barabbas needs no introduction. He is well acquainted with evil. His eyes have the fiery red of the flames of Hades. They burn with lust; for blood, for sex, for money. His scarred face would put a baby to sleep out of fright.

So then it is expected that the two souls can never have any fellowship, for what has light to do with darkness or God with Belial? Nothing!

But this is not the case between Mary and Barabbas. Apparently, the two had an encounter some time in the past. At that time no one knew about it but of late the two have been embroiled in an exchange.

See Mary has a husband now, Joseph. They are in love. However Barabbas just doesn't dig it. See, it seems Barabbas had a thing going with Mary before Joseph came in. Joseph is modest, hasn't succeeded as much as Barabbas but at least he's decent and modest. Barabbas is bad ass, so he can't believe Mary is "married" to Joseph.

So he tells everyone mbu they had a thing going. And he threatens to expose Mary. All the while he is also dissing Joseph.

Don't you guys think Barabbas is running mad? Why does he kulemerako? Issues of a man's ego? But Mary isn't half plain, she is slap. She has braggin rights (if such a thing is sanctioned by God) and can deny any allegations she was with a guy like Barabbas.

I'm beat gene about these Bagpipes from Baghdad as well as being Obsessed over The warning. But why all the pettiness? Can't we all just kiss and make up and be friends?

Well, all through that ruckus, I learnt one thing. Actually a quote Joseph twittered- "I will permit no man to narrow or degrade my soul by making me hate him." Booker T Washington.

Let hate not be given an opportunity to squander chances of love. Love that will never pass away, love that will stand to the end.

Nice day.

Baseline: You have heard that it was said, "You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy." But I say to you, Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who despitefully use you and persecute you, so that you may become sons of your Father in Heaven. For He makes His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.
For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax-collectors do the same? And if you greet your brothers only, what do you do more than others? Do not even the tax-collectors do so? Therefore be perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect. Mat 5:43-48

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ono omulenzi (this fella!)

There's a guy I know, a decent homie. The intelligent and shy type. He knows a lot about a lot of things- cars, technology, warfare, languages, you name it. This guy is quite a gold mine when it comes to info. He can go on and on about stuff that is out of this world; ask him about spaceships and he'll have an answer, robotics, he will have an answer, proper dress for chicks- I'm not overstating when I say he will have an answer. This guy alina potential. And it is not DK.

So I wonder, why does he never use his superior intelligence and general knowledge in conquering the lasses? The one thing he is never sure about is is girls. He will have the answers for all things except that. In fact he oftens comes to me asking me what this meant and why she did this and what it could imply, and honestly I am not experienced in that field so I cannot really be of help but he asks.

Guys, this boy can annoy. All of his company is fly chicks. I mean fly in the league of blogger chicks. I have bever seen him with a plain girl. They all gots wings. But boy never makes a move. In fact I think this guy helps these girls stay single when they want to be single- contracted to prevent flirters... And you know most of them are the touchy and talkative type. So you meet him with a hot madame holding hands and smiling but to find out they're just friends.

There's this particular chick he hangs out with these days. She's off the chizzy, if you know what I mean, and from his stories I can sense he likes her and that he thinks she likes him. Prob-izzy is that he thinks. Doesn't know. Has never got the guts to lumba her and assure her of "feelings struggle". He is just too modest. Dying with feelings.

It's not simple coz the chick has just quit her boyfie for issues of cheating and I don't know whether my buddy is being used as the bubble gum boy. It's painful for him coz it ain't the first time. He has been there for so many others who after their time of mourning, moved on. He initially always thought these gurls had a thing for him but in the end, they appeared with a top notch, shiny bling muscle brother and that would be the last he would hear of them.

He ain't the nice guy type, coz when he makes time for himself, he will have it but sometimes the begging woman can cause you to die blind. Ask Sammy who used to smite Philistines!

I don't know what advice to give him. He really likes this chick, and and they've been bonding of late. Evening walks. Ice cream. Exchanging phones etc Do you think he may meet the same fate as before if he doesn't make a move..generally I don't even know how to help him. What do you guys say?

Baseline: Ezek 18:32 For I have no delight in the death of him who dies, says the Lord Jehovah. Therefore turn and live.

Great week. God bless

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Silent wings

The feet of stallions
Could not take me quick enough,
The muscle of lions
Could not move me strong enough…
The thing which I feared most
Had taken me by surprise,
And in the cold wind bitten by frost
I could not dream of a sunrise.
Cataracts of silver liquid I knew well
My eyes behaving like Niagara Falls,
I was in search of a Goshen to dwell
For plagues sprang upon me like boils.
But in my distress and hopelessness
The heaving in my breath quieted down,
The blood in my veins ran slower
There was a hushing in the wind…
Then a quiet whisper in my darkness
A ray of light in my black hole,
A voice of hope and the flutter of wings
I began to rise up held by the invisible.

Word up:Psa 91:4 He will cover you with his wings; you will be safe in his care; his faithfulness will protect and defend you.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Omuyaaye tapowa

pre first thoughts- What's with this alina potential thing? People have you not heard of this song- tapowa? I am digging the message in those beats- omuyaye tapowa, tapowa, tapowa, tapowa. If I was a friend of Job,I would have sent it to him as a dedication.

Onto more serious things kati..

First thoughts: In love, there's no holding back. Celine Dion.

Regurgitating thoughts.

I was conned last Thursday. In the presence of kin moreover, and he just watched as I was conned- as I gave in to this "student" from Entebbe going to Mukono needing 1500 for transi.

What is it with my face? Do I look approachable? i don't think I do. Yet con students think I am? People what is my problem? oKAY, I think I would prefer being conned than beaten up and robbed but still, that doesn't make it right.

Second thoughts: Relationships are about waiting.

Ever waited for a phone call? It's like this (let's pretend yo the girl).

This guy tells you of undying love ( I mean the love I have for you is like a ghoul that won't die no matter how many times I throw grenades at it, times I try to chop it up with pangas and axes, times I run it over with CAT caterpillars... It keeps going and going and going...)

He explains with images you understand ( Ojukila that advert of Nice pens the one where there was a guy saying that Nice goes on forever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever,and ever, and ever,and ever...and in fact they just had to cut the advert off coz the guy was still saying forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever?)

He then goes on bended knees and says in a husky, romantic, suave, cool, low rich voice " Baby, (huba huba) wait (pauses, looks aside melodramatically) for me." He pauses some more for effect then says " But I will call you when I'm on the other side." With tears, he opens his arms wide and sucks you in then breaks free allowing you to linger as he walks away. But then he quickly veers to give you a long kiss after which your hands separate and he walks away not daring to look back.

You watch as he moves away,wiping tears from your eyes with one hope on your mind- he will call.

The first day passes. You thought that perhaps the phone will ring but the sun rose and set without you hearing a thing. It's okay, it's just the first day. He will call.

It is raining today; a call would really cheer you up. The phone rings and you are delighted! You can't wait to hear the voice on the other end of the line. You pick the phone with expectancy and hear a woman's voice instead. "Ugh!" It almost came out loud. The woman had a wrong number. It's just two days. He will call.

This goes on for a week but you never lose hope...he will call.

Anyone ever waited for a phone call like that chick?

Point of Contention: All light skinned babes are beautiful. Most ugly light skinned babes are more beautiful than the most beautiful dark skinned ones.

Silverbow: When life throws you shit, make fertiliser!

May God remain our sanity. Nice mid week.

Friday, July 31, 2009


It always feels like heaven spending time with bloggers. There's no need to be silent in a place where you were welcomed and none spart a curse at you. One could almost ululate at the ease that ensues, like people do at the streetside on the entry of a king.

Ever encountered a rhino revving ruthlessly at you? If no; good! For how would you come out of that alive? Anyway- the basics are simple: be deelightful, regal like a safyre but not too bright like them hip hop star blings. Let not the new faces daunt you- be calm like that princess of old- Diana. Relax, like you're a country boy; sleek like Johnny Bravo, throw in some humility, like of the Decalogue man- Moses, and be like the norm zoe life you're accustomed to.

Lisp a little, just for the fun of it- and amarth a good number of acquaintanthes. Ivantually, you'll have mastered the kasozi, reaching the blog kaalo. In all try not to miss BHH. Onto the izzy.


I strolled in with the Safyre, expecting to see lights, cameras and action, anti Lulu had promised us the nation's premier picture provider was coming to be fascinated by the intellectual guys at blogsville. On seeing the cosy comfy sitting arrangement, I thought there was a reporter among the group putting down some notes but there was none.

Spartakuss welcomed me with a hearty high five and that was the spark that got my fire burning. Don't get the wrong picture, a good welcome for anyone puts them at ease.

I think I found Rev on his knees before Heaven, I was wondering what incongruity this was till I discovered there were very no seats. And I think maybe he was practising what he might one day say to Delilah.

Basix was laid back as usual, easy on the jokes, smiling and generally suaveness just.

I am sure I have met Rhino before or not but in the crowd that day if I were to choose an appropriate rhino, it would be my man (whose name escapes) in a white shirt and English accent, plus bald head; not Rhino but well he looks like a teenage one nonetheless.

Lulu! Kale me I had been happy for you, kumbe you were pulling Schofield tricks!

People, didn't Carlo look quite the stunner in her gold and blue? Blue band gorgeousness kale. Gorgeousness runs in their family; yes Carlo, I still think she is a damsel. And talking about colors, Johnny didn't don one of his favourite blue shirts yesterday; in fact while I insist it was white, he says it was yellow!

He came along with Martha, a pleasant young woman I must say. She's not in anyway as "fanatical" as the other ladies he pimps- and I never got to understand that whole pimping thing. Johnny, care to explain? Meanwhile Antipop, how could you miss?

Cocktail craze. Johnny had one, so did Dee, I didn't notice anyone else. Cocktails have crazy names- like Pink Panther. Martha once took this but mbu her tummy refused those things, she had to see her doc after that. I do not do cocktails, I do punch. But on this evening, a Fruity was what I needed- would have dared an Alvaro but dayem- dat thing wasn't the same price it was at the Event on Garden City.

I missed that pizza. I hope it had cheese coz if it didn’t, I didn't miss anything. Safyre once told a tale of how for love's sake, those things of laying down one's life, he was immoral to the point of eating a pizza without cheese. Heinous stuff!

Normzo and Johnny are apparently roommates. I thought I knew that but let's call it secondary surprise!

There was an interesting topic Rev and Rhino were discussing. Why is the beer bottle green? Does someone set it's attributes to green or it is generally just green just coz it's green? Yah, you guessed it- God talk which made Heaven cross her hands and be silent.

Talking of Be Silent. She was never silent yesterday, always on the phone, punching in letters and listening. She seemed to be in another universe though we could see her body. And she lasted but a breath and soon after disappeared. Don't know when she went.

Some people wanted to go to Rouge. What was at Rouge? I asked King, and he said it's one of those "hangout" things. I left the matter at that.

Did Spartakuss teleport or what? One minute I see him, then next I don't.

Dante, Ivan, Ruth, Country boy, Street Sider and Sleekness seeped into the area later.

Actually, Caroszy usually comes in around 9pm and chills with the likes of Johnny and Normzo over malt drinks. Carsozy, these days I always notice your

I was having a chat with Safyre and Carlo about her sister till they began to talk about cars. Apparently, Carlo knows a lot more than I (and many other men she knows) do about cars. I was not flowing generally with their talk so when I spotted a damsel in the distress of loneliness I jumped in to save the day!

Diana. No she was in no way dirty! She is calm, composed and dainty. Apparently she is an ardent reader on blogsville but not an active blogger. It's a condition she has called cyber shyness. In fact she said she once had a blog that lasted only three days or was it three weeks? Hope you make a comeback, if you're reading this.

For the first time since I began attending BHH, bloggers seemed to tire early. By 10:15 am most had left. Surprising few who seemed to stay longer than usual were Lulu and myself hehe.

Dee, no Baz. Ivan, no Antipop...what was that about? And Silver, why are you avoiding me?

Okay I remember all who came, like Moses, Sleek's MTN dude, Joyce*? My Indian homie with a face of a woman on his tshirt-I honestly thought these guys were asking whether your face was that of a man or woman..I didn't even know why?

Then to the two dudes who had English accents, sorry I forgot your names but thanks for coming.

Ivan I should see you having a go at the minotaur from Hades in god would you handle that?

Unfortunately people, cannot do linking today, I'm in a cafe and these keys are so hard I would need iron fingers to type comfortably. Otherwise congs to another successful BHH, see you in August. Eh, word has it that Walkonby has a barbecue at her place. Not yet got more details.

Ey, REV- Look for the Christ in Christians, if you don't, don't take offence.

Hope I mentioned everyone.

Much love, God bless.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

If you're having a bad day...

If life throws you lemon, make lemonade...

You ever heard the expression Nevolution? Well it is exclusively copyrighted. I am the only one who uses it and at this moment it is in use.

There's this thing I have...

...the contentment and peace of a baby in his mother's arms. There's that feeling you get when you stop watching over your back and letting someone else do that. It is liberating. Thank God for June, and July- surely these have been my best months of the year and I owe it to resting. Yes, resting in Abba. There's unbelievable peace when you let Him take the wheel, you guys oughta try it. There's this part where Big Bro says Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. (John 14:27)- that peace can be yours.

Sometimes we think if we have a job, no debts, a house, car, married, business etc, it is automatic that we shall have peace. Au contraire! Sometimes those things take peace away but when one rests by the brooks of the's beautiful. Money won't matter that much.

Sheep have this beautiful thing they do- bleating. They do not make forecasts and worry about the next hill's pasture or try and find out the snake population on their next hill- they leave that to the Shepherd. He is in control of the situation. So when hungry, they bleat, scared, they bleat, any problem- they bleat coz the Shepherd hears their bleat and takes control. They rest in the knowledge of a good shepherd.

So go on access that peace- you know how. Rest. Rest in Emmanuel. He is with us.

Offtopic: I am not demanding..

You can check this week's purple rain.

Blessings just.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ku wikeendi nebirala (Weekend and other things)

Sometimes I love to mix Luganda with the lu naBuddu. Forgive me.

Starting with ramblings.Okay, I know that sax player may have lots of dimes naye honestly I am tired of receiving his texts! For some reason, my phone isn't often ringing or beeping with notification of incoming communication, therefore I get excited when it does because I expect it to be some friend or former friend who has finally remembered me and have decided to get in touch. However after excitedly pressing the "read" button, I see the sax player's two names and his invitation to go watch him play at some international conference center soon. Who gave him my number?! Eh? Ekisooka, 50k may look like small dimes to him, but to me that is worth 5 days' work! Not only that, it is equivalent to half a whole pig! I could roast that half with friends and stuff.

By the way is Mr Sax player still single?

Onto other things.

I was at the Xtreme 2020 event courtesy of Fluorescent and even met -,I mean Sleek of the Sleek and Wild fame. While there met the King with his Node Six crew (naye they were not six) and Walkonby. I tell you, spending time with bloggers is cool, in fact it is cooler than ice cold.

I had my first taste of alcohol in my post university days! Wait.....ahhh, Fluorescent has just let me know that it wasn't alcohol, mbu I should have read below where it said non alcoholic. Yeah, the Alvaro. So kwegamba sometimes butterflies can come out of bee hives?

It was well attended although I must say time keeping should improve. I saw a man who in my books is celeb forever- but couldn't find the wits to ask him for an autograph- Isaac Rucci...ah, I tried but the excitement was repellent to approaching the man! So I decided NEXT TIME!!

Banange there was this chick in a dress with capital D! What was she doing at the event? Eh! Too extreme! FatBoy would grin with satisfaction if he saw that girl at the event in that kind of crowd...anti no one throws stones these days.

I also saw Sleek's bike. And then saw how King ogled that bike. Things my friends-tight.

Better get back to work...will finish this post oba later...

Offtopic: Relationships may fail, but love never fails.

You don't need to stay mad

Cold rough metal piercing the rubbery skin...

i can't even finish this post...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Young Paparazzi takes over my blog!

I am taking a Thursday off and leaving my blog in the hands of the Paparazzi. See you later.


I think if I were an animal, I would be a fish. Why?

Because I love water. You need to see this huge plastic blue cup I use to gulp water at home.Oh my!

When it comes to drinking water. I take one huge gulp and I leave the throat to sort out the rest in smaller gulps.

When I don’t drink water regularly, the symptoms start showing up. Dry throats, restlessness, dry lips. It just creates me trouble. You can tell by looking at me that am not drinking well.

What water does to my body, scripture does to my soul. When I miss my morning gulp, the symptoms begin, negative thoughts, insecurities, fear and irritations. I just kind of lose myself.

I like how one writer put it “The scriptures are our letters from home”. Unfortunately, many of us give consistently to the body and not to the soul. As a result, our souls go thirsty and like the sprite soda advert says “Thirst kills my vibe” – we can’t speak inspired. “Thirst ruins my rap” – we just can’t flow

And for sure, you can tell who is drinking well; you have got of course to be drinking from the right well. That’s what Jeremiah the prophet saw when he penned.

My people have committed two sins

They have forsaken me

The spring of living water

And have dug their own cisterns (wells)

Broken cisterns that cannot hold water – Jeremiah 2:13

The last two lines are so much directed to our generation. We have dug our own wells—broken wells that cannot hold water .We pick up the newspaper to seek direction in life, guess on which page? Horoscope.

If we are in love with the remote, then Oprah answers our life questions. We can even turn to myths like yoga, meditation – all in a bid to quench our thirst. Some of us have our wells dug in Banks, we rely our accounts to fill what they can’t.

Others have their wells in relationships. Your boyfriend attempts to fill what he can’t—the eternal thirst in you. All these kill our vibe, they ruin our spiritual flow.

May you wake up tomorrow on a huge gulp. A huge gulp of Jesus whispering these words in your ear "….but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst, indeed the water I give him will become in him a spring of living water welling up to eternal life’—John 14:4.

Eddie - The Young Paparazzi.

P.S You can see her purple rain now.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Days like these

I thought I had it. I thought you had been sincere. After all, foundations are stronger over time yet it seems ours just weakened each day.

I don't believe it was you who said those venomous words to me. No it wasn't; no it couldn't; no it mustn't. You always said sorry when you hurt me- you weren't a bad person, just found yourself in bad situations sometimes. You should have said sorry but your apology never came, and I know why. Coz it couldn't, wasn't supposed to.

Your mouth was gagged and probably your heart as well- nothing could come out unchecked. All the words about me were censored coz I was evil- a hindrance to your happiness.

You never said those words, never. You wouldn't. How do I know? Coz you'd never said them. Even when you felt like hitting me, those times when I got you mad, you wouldn't. You'd just stay silent and after a while tell me what was wrong. Of course I had to beg, for you kept your hurt inside- but I was special, when I asked, you told me what was wrong. But this time I didn't ask- I knew you wouldn't give me an answer, coz your mouth was gagged.

Such words are too poisonous to have come out of your mouth. I don't believe they were yours. They didn't belong to you. They want to make you think you're cold but you're not; you're warm and sweet inside. Those words weren't yours.

Do you remember when you said you loved the way I love you? That was true-that was genuine-that was you. You said it and it came from the depths of your soul. You meant it- when you said you loved me then, and the many other times you said it. You meant it, when your big round brown eyes would stare into mine with a gleam of joy; when you'd say you loved me. Holding my arm and beaming a smile- I knew you meant it when you said you loved me.

I was like an addiction you tried to quit- you were an addiction to me as well. Remember that time when we had not spoken for four months, when out of the blue you opened your mouth? That time we walked down small paths om Kikoni and you told me you tried to forget me but that you had failed- that there was nothing like "us"; that you could only be yourself in my presence, and no other's. We were kindred spirits and nothing could take that away.

So when those words came- I refused to believe they were yours. You didn't say them coz they could have killed me; murdered me; ended me; but you would never do that. So I received them and smiled, coz I knew this was your only way out.

I know; it's okay. People are not who we think they are. So I know it was him. Yes, because he was unsure of your love. Even if it were I,I too wouldn't be. For I'm certain you kept calling him my name; kept telling him the places we had gone to and the things we had done; and though you repented each time, you'd do it again. He was not jealous, perhaps only unsure of your love.

It was bad coz you'd tell him how it was I who suggested we go to Bible Study coz there was cassava and tea; and that it was how you became a member of the Church that he joined too.

I wasn't your lover, I was your friend- but how could he be sure? So he told you to say those words. At first he demanded you call me and let me hear them from your own lips, for that would be a perfect size dagger for my heart, but you pleaded with him and told him you'd never forgive yourself so he eased on you and let you send the text.

I sensed your desperation in the texts. Your silent pleas for help but I couldn't help you. It was your decision. It was either him or I and you couldn't give up on your tall, dark, and handsome.

So it's okay. I moved on. I know those words had to be said to let me off. Yet when I think that they could be true- that I am the one person you regret most ever meeting-I cringe in self doubt.

It is 4 months since you denounced me. I thought I would be stronger now, yet when she talked about her ex, I also began to think of mine...

Monday, July 20, 2009

When to say the F Word!

Wandering thoughts
Sometimes he wonders why she cries all by herself, especially when it rains- looking at the clear drops sliding down her window. He can see the tears falling in unison with the raindrops on her window...why?
Why is she still lonely, when he is there?

Sometimes he sits and ponders on her words-
What do they mean?
She says them with such joy that they ought to be true,yet they don't sound true.
He has a volcano of emotion in his chest which he tries hard to control lest she
think he's too desperate, too scared to think that it will vanish like a vapour. Why is he still lonely when she is there?

Onto other things
When to say the F word!

When you realise that wasn't powdered milk in your cup...
When the brake fails on a steep slope ...
When you enter the interview room and realise you did not brush your hair...
When you send the "I miss you " letter to a wrong phone number (her best friend's)...
When you have spent your last money to get to Kabale and remember she said Mbale.

Always a perfect time to say Father!!

Great week.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jackson Muwanguzi's life

If you're like me, then you know that it is indeed possible to go one entire night living in a parallel universe. In this universe you are 39 and married to a beautiful woman with three kids-two boys and a girl, living in England. You own a studio flat and a big flat from where you get some income in addition to having equity shares.

You are learning how to sail as well as playing golf and taking part in quiz games once in a while.

Not only that, you make trips to several countries, especially when the Premiership is over and watch international matches being played by Brazil.

But it's not that sweet you know, because your schedule can become very tight especially with your bosses breathing down your neck to deliver results. They have provided the cash and now it is up to you to start making the gold.

However, the bosses are not your only problem. You have your subordinates who you should train and motivate well so that they can give you good results. Their hard work is a must for you to deliver the results needed by the boss. They are not the only ones whose pressure you must deal with though; there are the consumers who demand the highest quality because as a matter of fact they pay whatever you ask for your goods and services.

You rarely rest because you are there personally supervising the production of the goods, giving instructions, correcting, motivating the workers, criticising some, praising etc

However, when the result of your hard work is good and excellent, you are refreshed with delight, a bonus to the cheque that goes promptly into your bank account.

Your peers in rival companies sometimes try to distract your work saying bad things about your style of work, your ethics and the like but you stay focused and keep delivering. Other companies' bosses tempt you at times with big offers, promising you all the resources you need- you almost accepted once but then changed your mind.

Yes some of your best workers have gone but your determination and style has never changed. Your spirit is steadfast.

This post could easily have been about Arsene Wenger but truth of the matter is, it's about Jackson Muwanguzi, the Manager of Arsenal football club and Brazil on my EA SPORTS FIFA 09 Manager.

He is why I didn't sleep the other night.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sleeping in your grave.

This is from

The Casket Furniture Company designed a bed for those who wants to know the feeling of sleeping in a coffin. According to their site, this ‘long awaited' item can be yours for only a little over $4,000. It’s constructed of Solid Pine with a removable top and bottom and adorned with a handmade metal cross and gothic pall bearer handles. Finished with an ebony stain and lacquer with a burgandy velvet interior. Disturbingly, their site also indicated ‘locks and latches' are available at an added price.

I died!....