Saturday, August 26, 2017

Who calls Kampala home?

I'm reading.

Currently a comic and a book about a book about a people.

I have also been watching. A series about shadow organisations. And the love of cities.

And I think about Kampala. Who loves Kampala?

In the comic I am reading. A people of a city are fighting a superpowered dictator for the right to have their lives back. They are fighting for their city.

In the book about a book, there are Lords murdering people to keep their rule intact. To keep their domain intact. To keep their lands under their control. Some people revolt. They no longer believe in that domain. They revolt but laying down their lives.

In the story about shadow organisations. A man loses his life for a city and a woman.

And I wonder about Kampala. Who cares for Kampala? Who would give up their life for Kampala? Who would be a vigilante for Kampala?

Fine, people work day in and out in Kampala. However it all seems like they want something from Kampala. Early hours to late nights. Hungry mornings to chapati suppers. 3 burgers for 10,000/-. All this that at some point, it will be full English breakfasts to early dinners.

No one is giving to Kampala. In giving, all hope to get.

Who calls Kampala home? Who looks at Kampala, the way a son sees a mother?

Some call her an animal. An opposition stronghold. A sea of opportunities. A passage. However, does anyone call it home?

What is Kampala to you?