Monday, August 31, 2009

Don’t let it get hard.

Our bodies were made in such a way that if certain parts get harder than they are supposed to, then there is bound to be some sort of entering of new worlds. Most times when those parts get hard, the brain tends to lose a stake in the actions of the person and henceforth, the chemicals of the body take over.

There is a certain potency yet danger that hard things possess; for example a spear can easily cut through the skin of any lion because the spear’s skin is harder than the lion’s skin. Another example is a stone and water; it is much easier for a stone to penetrate the surface of water than for vice versa to occur.

Let us not be mistaken, not all manner of hardness is bad but there is that which is in the wrong place and can prove to be lethal.

By the way, I hope we are all on the right track here- when a man’s heart hardens and never relents, there is cause for alarm.

During the LRA war in Northern Uganda, the LRA commanders turned their young captives into mean killing machines by simply forcing them to harden their hearts. These poor souls were forced into slaying men, women and fellow children as a means of turning them into the deadly soldiers that would later fight the nation’s defence force.

These children at first may have wanted not to kill but under duress they did and when they learnt how to, their hearts closed off all sort of remorse and in essence became hardened to humanity.

In the absence of love, our hearts easily harden. They became as rocks driven by forces of desire for survival and without being checked soon become boulders.

In my journey with God, I have realized that the importance of keeping fellowship with God and His Word is as important as keeping alive, as staying sane, as staying human. A child may be born of a woman yet if he is raised by chimpanzees, he will believe he is a chimp too. What he sees around him and what he hears do not associate with anything else apart from chimp-hood so even though he may be human by birth, he becomes a chimp by heart.

In the same way, when we do not read God’s word, speak with Him and fellowship with other brethren, it is easy to forget who we are and take on the characteristics of those we fellowship more often with. Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that we completely isolate ourselves as monks in the mountain sides but rather be the beacons in the societies we live in.

However, bad company corrupts good morals no matter how devoted one is. Fellowship with God and believers is crucial. Paul the New Testament Apostle had ministry partners, Jesus moved with disciples, people he was mentoring; John who was more like a monk, fellowshipped with God. These men did not forget their identity and thus were effective.

Thus, when we let our hearts harden by not reading God’s word, fellowshipping and praying, little by little our old mind revives and deceives us that we are still of an old fallen nature, yet in reality we are not- we are actually God’s children but because our hearts are hard, we do not believe or even know that truth anymore.

The further one goes from God, the harder his heart gets thus making it easier for him to sin. Therefore, never let your heart harden. Keep remembrance of God’s word all the time lest it become easier to lie, cheat, lust, steal, take a bribe etc. The first attempt sometimes is the most lethal- whether a lie, a lustful glance, an acceptance of a bribe- it becomes addictive if unchecked with God’s cleansing water- His Word.

Keep your heart soft- keep in fellowship with God, His Word and His people.

Eph 5:26 that He might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the Word,

Great week.
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