Monday, September 28, 2009

Being the Hot girl.

Disclaimer: I am not a girl.

Being a guy makes it normal for me to notice fair looking maidens. I am a guy after all and when i see a fair looking maiden, I appreciate and in my mind say hullo and start a meaningful friendship which at one point in time may end up (at this point I was not responsible for the things coming out of the tips of my fingers)…

Anyway, I know a hot girl when I see one and I also know that when I see a hot girl all other men who have seen her have also noticed that she is a hot girl.

I know two types of hot girls: Those who know they are hot and those who do not. Now among those who know they are hot, there are those who are humble and then there are those who are proud. Despite the classifications, men do not care whether one is proud or humble, all they know is they have seen a hot girl and some men will react.

There are men who will spare nothing and abandon being cordial and tell the hot girl what it is, then there are those men who will be as polite as possible and try to befriend the hot girls. All in all, when one is a hot girl, she will get attention from men.

I am trying to understand how hot girls handle attention because I know a number who seem like they have trouble with it. I have noticed the behavior of hot girls and am coming to a conclusion. Hot girls who are humble try to do lots of things. They are caught up in lots of activities. They usually have a lot on their hands in an attempt to try and and avoid the amount of attention coming their way. Generally it is hard to approach them because they are always in a hurry- got to do rehearsals, got a photo shoot, got got got got….wabula they are hard.

As for the proud ones, they are available and have time on their hands BUT lots of attitude. They on the other hand are approachable, but one needs killer suaveness to break their defences. The good thing is sometimes length of persistence brings dividends with these proud ones.

There was a hot girl I knew. Unfortunately she wasn’t proud, she was shy. Why unfortunately? She and I became friends, and that was the end of my aspirations. Naye that is not the point. I want feedback. How does it feel being the hot girl? iS WHAT i have said true? Or not?

Friday, September 25, 2009

BHH and old flames

I did not intend it to happen again, but again there are some things in life we have no control over.

I was minding my business, looking for socks and a pair of shoes I had misplaced and out of the corner of my eye noticed her staring at me. I ignored her at first, I thought that it would pass and she would mind her business. Well it did; I left the room went to find something else but had to come back to this room to pick a brush. I saw her again. She just couldn't stop staring. So I stared back and oh, my- nostalgia.

You see it could have been her even though she wasn't- her big round eyes, big lips, soft brown skin, felt so near at the moment. I kept looking, she kept looking as if saying "this you'll never have". The thing is she was in a white wedding gown, looking as gorgeous and angelic as ever. MY eyes almost watered because my heart seemed to be overwhelmed, memories came running back. She was stolen from me by the jealous fates. Our paths seem to ever cross but never interwine.

It wasn't her but the picture reminded me of her- they looked alike, there was something in her eyes that reminded me of her- was it the love I wanted in vain?

Dayem!! All this emotion unleashed by a simple advert on a piece of paper- "The New ColourChrome Digital Studios".

I would like to begin with saying, SilverBow are you in Kampala, let alone Uganda? You see there was a time you threatened to show up at BHH and see some "blogren" but to my surprise, you never showed up. Even Chanel, I thought you would make a brief appearance just so we could see your wonderful bulge before we come for the BS. Be Silent, why have you muted your attendance at BHH? For Antipop... Normzo missed BHH, now that was a surprise! Sleek, Heaven, Baz, B2B, what's goin on? Work? Relatives?

BHH started late generally, around 7:45pm coz that's the time I arrived. When I showed up, I found Rev and Delilah "bonding"- yes it was PG 9- they were just Anyway, shortly after I arrived, Dee skipped in like a little red riding hood gaily (which means happily not sexually attracted to the people of the same sex-just in case GUG is reading)all shining with bling I originally thought was all from Delhi. She had this beautiful bag with different colours and shiny stuff on it, from Delhi, but the ring and earing mbu were purchased one point Dee and Del were talking about jewelry and one thing I picked is that silver jewelry is expensive.

It didn't take long for people to start trickling in- Xiona came in and for a while talked with Rev about how to have nice dreads. I was completely foreign to their choice of discourse because...

A little later Safyrez dropped in and while Rev quizzed me about the name "nevender" Simon got to talking with Xiona about cars; so there is one more lady I know who knows more about cars than I do in addition to Carlo. SoloKing came in a while after and engaged Dee in techno talk.

Johnny popped in looking like a slimmer B2B who on the night was inconspicuously missing, however he did not come with any "friends". Ivan also popped in and went around greeting people, ignoring those of us with uncool phones like 2300s. Dude is half man half comedy. There was a time when some guys came with screens on their chests displaying adverts for an event to be held at Kyadondo Rugby Club "Go Together Know Together" nga Ivan starts joking about stopping them in their tracks and tuning to Straka's late show...dude!! Rhino revved into the foray with gusto and warmth at which point the infamous L was formed.

Carlo and Dante came in later at which point I noticed Johnny had disappeared.

Well, the trendy topics included UTL's cool service- 2299. I am one of those who is well addicted to this thing. I mean I can tweet from my 2300- how cool is that? And that we have the coder in our midst, us mere mortals? wOW. By the way, join up at twitter on UTL and share your username, it means people like me can text you for free with the cool chat function it has...this thing is offshizzy!

At one point I engaged Rev in talk about God and religion and this was a very spirited discussion considering Rev was at one time ministering to the table with his fingers. Bambi, Delilah at one got worried and had to ask me if I was being assaulted...hehe. Well I love talking about such stuff and well Rev has a treasure of info about God, but well I wish he could share.

On the plus, got me some comps to x2020 tonight courtesy of Solo King. Will hook up with Rhino over design and I met Abid Were the guy of Workzine. He is apparently an OB of FCIT, I think he forgot that. Oh and he mentioned that my leg got better, well at one time I was on crutches but an act of faith caused me to drop the crutches and walk!! Amen! Haha.

BHH was great. Good attendance and good fun. I am looking forward to the next. Thanks Rev and Rhino for the Mirinda and Alvaro.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Friends and lovers, Priests and canons, interns and bosses, this is for you.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Role of GNL Zamba in Uganda's future

NOTE: To all international press: Al Jazeera, CNN, BBC etc, people who come from Buganda are called Baganda, not Bugandans. Please, it insults me when you call me a Bugandan. I am Ugandan but a Muganda by tribe. Okay? Not Bugandan.

After the riots that occurred into and over the weekend, many of us began asking ourselves whether there can truly be a peaceful coexistence between the central government and the Mengo government.It's sad because these conflicts usually occur in areas where ethnicity is something to be treasured above nation.

There is this misconception that people have underlying dislike for those from different areas of the nation however, I would like to differ. Like UgInsomniac noted, many of us who grew up in the youth of our President's governance do not focus on ethnicity. I cannot name 10 very close friends of mine that are the same tribe as mine, I have been blessed to have friends from all over the nation.

However, we are under the wrong impression that we can frown at each other which is not true. The riots only serve to show the government that there are very many aimless young adults who have seen too many Terminator and Rambo movies and now want to jump into the action and see what it feels like. For these I offer a solution, Open large 3d cinemas where these youth enter for free as long as they can help in keeping the streets clean.

Anyway, that is just my beating around the bush. I believe there are people in our society apart from the government, religious and cultural institutions who have a lot of influence on the people of this sweet land Uganda.

We have a new class of Ugandans- the celebs, who if they wanted could have a big say in the way our youth behave.

There is a chameleone who is known for encouraging people to go to work and forget about talkers but of late he is focusing too much on Bayuda, he is not my kind of role model anymore. There is a cool cool bar who of late has come back with a boom but still the way he cried over his wife's departure, "girly". There is a Dee who knows how to take people's minds off big issues, he just says "mulumulumu" and people get down and crawl. I don't know any others (stop nudging me BM, who? Radio and who...I don't know them.)

For one, this Muganda called Zamba who went to school at MUBS and ended up iconic superstar (ani yali'amanyi)can do a lot to positively influence our young people. He is a model of our President's dream of the role of traditional institutions in our country-to preserve culture and language. One of my friends said " Oyo gaayi awomesa oluganda" (That guy makes Luganda sweet.) Music is a powerful force which he has used much to the amusement of many people, even those from outside Buganda.

You see guys, musicians have a big role to play in this time. And interestingly many of the big names in Ug music are Baganda. Music has an enchanting force about it. It can easily cause people to do what they should not and vice versa.

I am a proponent for peace and reconciliation in the whole of Uganda. In fact I want to adopt a tribe each month of the year so I can learn these peoples cultures and come to love the diversity of my nation more. Music has a big role to play. I implore all those with the gift and talent to put in effort and encourage people to do the right thing and go for love and unity and work so as to build the nation. I don't think Obamas have to be presidents only, they can be GNLs, Chameleones, Bugembes- people who can inspire others to rise above silly sentiments.

Those are my two cents.

Baseline: But I exhort you, brothers, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing and that there be no divisions among you; but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment. Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you, or were you baptized in the name of Paul? 1Co 1:10,13

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cerebral Pandemonium

Things were rolling smoothly, I was up there gliding in my Batman suit over the calm city night watching young lovers hand in hand taking a stroll under the silent drone of the yellow street lights. Time check- 7:58pm.

I decided to settle upon a high rooftop. It was quiet here. There were no lights up here so I could clearly see all that was taking place below me, down in the nonchalant city. The calmness was searing- it evoked a desire for real peace; not this masked appearance of fearlessness.

The building I was atop had blue windows and white tiles. A man died here last week. He jumped from the 14th floor and split his head dying instantly. This man certainly masked whatever madness he had boiling inside him. Reports said he looked happy just before his suicide.

Another man died in this same building, tried to stab his girlfriend too before he took himself out. I wondered, what was I doing on this building? What if some wraith took me out of the blue and threw me off the ledge?

My inner turmoil was proving to be more than my resolve could handle. So I set off and headed to a lone alley. I had left my batmobile there. As I landed, I heard a screeching sound just next to the alley and as I turned to look, my car screamed right past me...


I throw a grapnel at the speeding car and am pulled along in an amazingly turbulent fashion. I'm trying to get a look at the person inside at the same time dodging debris in the road. I start to hear people screaming, saying things like " Batman's gone crazy" and "Batman's been cloned" and "Batman's got a twin brother!"

I was perplexed. At a sharp turn, I caught a glimpse of the man in my car.
This was no stranger,

it was myself.

Baseline:"Yo, We at war
We at war with terrorism, racism, and most of all we at war with ourselves..." Kanye West.

"Then Jesus said to His disciples, If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me. " Matthew 16:24

Monday, September 07, 2009

Interesting Bride Price.

There is an argument against bride price: it is simply the selling of women to men so is inhumane and treats women as property.

Why would I put a price on my daughter if I wanted her to be treated as a priceless gem? I am not against kwanjula or introduction as it is normally referred to, the ceremony where the bride is given away to the groom- I am just against the showy nature of families when participating in this ceremony.

Unlike it's name- "introduction", this ceremony has more or less become a point of sale. The woman is given away after certain terms and conditions are accepted and an amount of commodities has been exchanged.

These days, when the "bako" (in-laws) promise "appreciation" which in true sense is part of the bride price to the bride's family, they unleash an entire supermarket sometimes including hardware shops and carpentry work shops.

A certain man must have been left cursing when he went to be introduced by his Mutooro chick. They had agreed on four Fresian cows which meant 2 million shillings, but when they got there a certain "elder" decided to demand for 10 cows instead and insisted on it. After long bargaining, the elder cut down his demands to 7 cows. Surely, if I were the man, I would have thanked the lady for her good gesture of introducing me to parents but then would humbly submit my resignation letter thereafter.

Some elders think these men who are to take away their daughters should be milked dry which in many cases causes social dysfunctions like violence in homes and the like. I think introduction is noble but when it is over done- becomes more of a social class event, it loses meaning.

I would like a simple one, not too many people- just a humble thing. A friend of mine would prefer a "kukyala" only- where it is a private thing between the two families. I think that would be nice too.

But did you hear of this weird bride price some long time ago. This King was jealous of one of his subjects because he was killing more enemies in battle and apparently this caused one of his daughters to admire this guy so much. So he made a plan mbu he wanted to give her away to this man but the bride price was a must.

Can you imagine the bride price? 100 foreskins.

I almost died. You can get the story here- 1 Sam 18:25.

But thank God for Christ, who gave the ultimate price for his bride- His life. He spared nothing but gave all.

In view of all this, what can we say? If God is for us, who can be against us?
Certainly not God, who did not even keep back his own Son, but offered him for us all! He gave us his Son---will he not also freely give us all things? Romans 8:31,32 (You'd do good to read the whole chapter).

Much love and great week.

God bless