Friday, November 28, 2008

I missed BHH and I feel terrible.

So here I was all looking forward to BHH, probably the last one this year. I had been dreaming about it since the last BHH passed. So I even pimped my look...shaved so that I look younger, and got my Sunday best on! I swore I would enjoy BHH.

Last month I had finally got a "date" with some hot friend of mine and mind you we had set the date three weeks before the actual date. Now the day comes and I fall off a stool...imagine, one hour to the rendezvous. My butt was incapacitated, walking was difficult and gene I had to miss the date! Not gotten another chance ever since..and she laughed when I told her about what happened.

The leg started aching jokingly and I thought "It will be fine by evening time". So the thing led me on- behaving well for the first half of the day. And then at 1500hrs the pain...I cursed (actually I prayed). This pain was too much for me so I headed home with the thought that somebody is playing foul on me. They do not want me to hang out with cool people..and I know who it is! But greater is He that is in me than that person.

I am really sad I missed, but well, I have to wait again for next year. Anyway friends, I am glad I am a blogger and glad to know you all even without putting face on you. That is why I really feel terrible for having missed BHH. Otherwise, I am still not feeling well. I prolly need to get back home and eat and sleep and do those drugs they gave me.

God bless.
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