Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Haggle

So, there he was minding his own business when a vendor arrived with some good looking canvas shoes.

"Ssebo otunda otya?" (What is the price sir?)

"Nfuniraayo mitwalo esatu mu kanaana zokka nga weetwalira." (You can take these at only 38,000/-)

"Kale ssebo. Ndowoza nebwogenda." (Okay sir, I think u can continue on your way.)

"Toogule?!" (You won't buy?)

"Ate ow'a kasanvu asobola okwogelera wano?" (Isn't it impossible for a man with only 7,000/- to speak?)


"Kale sebo, leeta tugende." (Okay sir, pay and we part ways.)

Thus he went home with a brand new pair of canvas shoes.

Music Uganda

Hey people, it is Ntwatwa again on your shizzle. Naturally i like music, i like dem hard beatz that make my head bob like am an electric bell. Well, it's no secret this son of man cannot dance, cuz when i try i seem to be gentle with myself and well people say that is not dancing. So if i cannot dance, i can listen and play that music and well in the process critique some "music".

Let me do a lil bit o c.

1. Blue3.
I am a gospel music fan but I notice the goings on of secular music. So I understand that Blu*3 is no longer written like that, rather it has become Blu3! What was the meaning of the exclusion of the * in the name? Does it mean that the star has gone and well it now plain 3 blu gals? See here, Cinderella (force the pun) is the lucky one whose shoe fell at the ball and some prince traced it to her. Now she is off to some Western country where she can have better recording etcetera. The sisters dare not remain 2 otherwise, it would have sounded too blue! ( Imagine blu*2?) Better to share misery in a group than in a company, after all, 2 is company, three is a crowd!
I must say I admire the honesty-no need for the star or is it asterisk? So the Blu gals are without their star, how do they foresee their future now? Let me wait and hear of their future lest I predict wrongly.

From the radio "screen?" to the silver screen? Well congratulations. My brother happens to work in MTN and well there is a common song being requested by people who have just bought polyphonic tone phones. I think it is called Diana. She is quite the star these days, congs .However I must say I abhorred that she just sang a song about God. She did not sing for God. I saw an interview she did when making the interview and well, it was all about her life, her struggles, her achievements. I wonder was God your marketing gimmick? Or were you the oracle for many who treasure the song far more than i think you do?....this shall stop here.

3. Bobi Wine aka Ghetto President.
Typical political story. A man with a heart for his people struggles out of the situation they share and gets himself big. He shares their sentiments but unlike before is wealthier, has a beautiful wife and son, big car and house. He sings for the people, but how does he help them? I would like to know.I also do not appreciate the fact that his girlfriend is born again yet had his child before officially being married to him. He sings with a heart but where is the Soul?

Now, let me go and do more research about the others I had began writing about but found had little data about.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Here I am alive
I was able to run, survive
I was able to escape all your hurt, your lies
White lies, black lies, even your green lies
Here I am alive, and ever on the rise.

Hear the flutter of wings
As my heart sings
Slow tunes, fast tunes, true tunes
to Him

He is my Alpha my Omega
My heart that beats
And I am caught in His embrace
Warmth in sweetest grace.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Take it standing

"The world is yours, you can kick it any way you want,
You can be a slave forever, you can be the stump that everybody walks over,
Or you can be a boulder and crush those fools like a Buffalo soldier..."

Open Bar- Grits feat Pigeon John


The mirror fails to make a decision for me
So I am abandoned to the tricks of this chest-
Why isn't my mind where it should be?
I do not want a regret
Another failed attempt.


All that matters is now
My breath,my heart, my brow;
You are very far from it
Very far from my interest.

So what am I doing grouching
All about your business whining?
"Nous n'avons pas un accord"
And this drama gets too dear to afford.

I'm letting go of the worry
And going to God in a hurry,
"Faire quelque chose Seigneur rapide !"
In my impatience, I pass off very stupid.

to be continued....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Let me not be your allergy
Save me this foul synergy,
Let me depart from this conquest
Yea, it subtly was your forceful request.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Budo's lilies

They have gone like witches
Burned alive at the stake-
Tied alive on wooden poles,
Set ablaze with burning torch.

As if they had sown some magic
Some deed wicked and tragic-
Now condemned to the fire
A mortal payment for some mortal sin.

But they were only children
No architects of plots grand and deadly,
They were students of goodness
Not rebels of some senseless sort.

They were your children, your kin
They had your blood, your skin
How come you let them go alone
Away from their distress, far gone?!

You slept in mazongotos
They were like slaves in triple decks,
You forgot what kawuukumi was
They depended on it for protein.

How I want to condemn
Yes, tis you I want to blame!
For the blood screaming as it boiled
For the bones breaking in the fire.

But I will kneel and thus pray
For the lilies swiftly away,
For the kin and heart broken parents
Going through pain and unknowable torment.

May the Lord heal hearts
May the sadness soon depart
May forgiveness flow like rain
May the healing blot the stain.

To err is human,
To murder is beastly,
To forgive is divine
To love is Godly.

So they have gone like martyrs
Sheep without need to defend own lives
Heroes confident in the One they trusted
Not afraid to die for purity of heart.

Rest in Peace.