Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scribbled for 1st December


We take it for granted coz we think we can handle it; with wads of moneys that can buy ARVs. How about those in the rural rural areas, sufferin on their death beds coz their flesh took over once... AIDS has not relented, but our carnal nature has, so we keep joining networks, buying condoms etc.

ABC- Abstain Be Faithful Christ's conviction but then we make it look like condoms can be sustained? Our  flesh keeps bugging, and then we throw them out the door, and anyway, we all die someday, so we throw caution to the wind.

God help us buffet this flesh and the only way I know is help us change our minds. Help us grow up. Help us cherish marriage, and honour the marriage bed, help us drink water from only our cisterns, help us only look to and enjoy the mates of our youth. Yeah, sex is nice, but the pleasure lasts seconds, and then you're back to step one trying to get another high. And you try to please the flesh but it never gets satisfied, if only you could get your Spirit intertwined with your soul, you'd know that besides the Lord are pleasures forever more.

Pleasures forevermore.

You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy, at Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore.(B)
Psalm 16:11

Peace out to those who got the virus from no fault of your own, let God be your healer, let God press your wounds.

If you do not know your status, style up.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Red hearts.

It is no mistake that our hearts are red
That when thorns went through them, they bled.
Was no mistake they were made after that fashion
For red, no doubt is the colour of passion.

And when we loved, red hearts gave their all,
And the love was full, no leaks, there were no holes,
Our hearts gave of themselves, they gave of their nature
And expected no less, to them dishonesty was obscure.

And you can't fault a heart filled,
But what happens when its hopes are killed,
When the seeming truth was a lie,
When what should have lived, had died?

After building hopes and dreams
They tumbled, burned down, replaced with eerie screams,
Tears like torrents fell, lungs filled with sorrow to the brim,
When the red heart broke, it seemed life turned grim.

But we mustn't stifle the sorrow-

Let us mourn today for we must live tomorrow,
Let our tears overrun the dams of sobriety
Let's not just move on yet our wounds hurt still,
Let us allot the healing our hearts need now,

For when we love tomorrow,
Our hearts should not love any less because of yesterday
Let them still give of their fullness,
Let their passion remain,
Let our hearts remain red with passion

When we love again tomorrow.

For love cannot be forsaken because of the past,
It's life and energy rested because of scars,
We are given to love, for we are children of love.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Changes...(Part 1)

There was nothing extraordinary, at first, except that she looked very familiar. She brought back a whiff of nostalgia he was not pretty sure he could place his finger on. What was it about her? Regardless of the fact that she looked familiar, she did look pretty. She wasn't "hot" per se, she was beautiful; a gentle dove eyed beauty that was placid to behold.For those reasons, whenever he passed by Church, he thought about her, hoping perhaps he would chance on her again.

On the occasions he would see her and steal a glance, he would always be caught stealing it.She'd never look surprised; her eyes almost intimidating, as if she knew what he was thinking. So, he would quickly turn away and continue doing whatever he had been doing or pretended to be doing something.

Several years later he found himself in a spot. They were now friends.And not just friends, they were good friends who had experienced a bit of the sour part of life and were able to strengthen each other through it. Right now he had a decision to could change everything..........

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Ever since the scales fell off and the light came in,
I have seen more clearly how this all fits in,
See the square peg can't fit in a round hole,
So it's time to pack these bags, time for me to move.

Funny how an angel of light can actually be an agent of darkness. Sometimes fools' gold shines brighter than real gold. Do we ever think about the things that we say, what we want them to mean or if we mean what we say? Try to understand that this world moves by Word, forget about the forces that the sciences give to it. In the beginning was Word, and Word keeps the world going on which is why this small rudder can steer a ship on a sea. Same reason why the tongue needs to be mastered.

When you say something, it is your creation. You either sustain the creation by your consistence or risk your honour by your vacillation. In the end we are murals. We are artworks.Whatever view I have of you is what I will take. If the side I see is inconsistent with your whole state, you pretty much cannot blame it on me, it is what  I saw.

What am I saying? Style up man, be a man of your word.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

"This time I asked her name"

"This time I asked her name."

I tell myself in consolation after failing to get her number. See, she was another "prettiest sight lately" and this time I was not about to rue having gone without her name.

I had a lot of time to think how to go about it, get her name that is, but when push came to shove, I threw thinking out altogether and decided to say hullo. She was tall, pretty, had braids. She had a smile as lovely as an aurora, I could not help but find out her name.

She was talking with a friend, and they seemed to be deeply engrossed in their conversation but names must be got. So I dragged my friend along and ended their conversation. Call me reckless or impatient, but I went straight ahead- "Hi I'm Joel."

This would either backfire or work just fine; thank God it did the latter, her name escaped her lips gilded with a smile. Now, to protect her identity, her name I shall keep to myself just in case. (The world's just too small these days).

It is at this point I realised that I should have thought this through at first. It felt like asking a girl out and she says yes and you are faced with no idea of how to be a boyfriend.

I had her name. So?

That is where my friend stepped in, trying to steer the conversation into getting more than just a name. I did not catch this vision well. In the attempt, out of the four persons exchanging small talk, only one person gave out their number.

Now, I am telling myself, "I wish I'd asked for her number". Well,  much more than asking, probably negotiated better.

Oh well! Life is good! :) Number next time.

"Kamu kamu gwe muganda", one by one makes a bundle.A little better everyday. Yeah, I got my glass half full.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Mbu you have issues...

Have you ever wanted to go back to school after dropping out but cannot because the money just can't become enough! You have saved and saved but damn it! It's never enough!

Have you ever wanted to sleep but cannot unless you take some weed? The only thing close to a bedsheet is a thin film of polythene and an old thrown-away teddy bear for a pillow.

Have you ever wanted to have a clean piece of bread but dust covered morsels are all you ever get?

Ever wanted to call home, but all your people are dead?

Ever wanted to be alone, but there are deadlines ahead?

You think you have issues.....

A self centered life is a dead life.

Give, receive, thank.


Does not need to be lived waiting for a phone call. Doesn't have to be lived ruing a missed goal. Doesn't have to be lived licking at somebody's feet. Arise, Ntwatwa, Christ has given you light!