Thursday, June 24, 2010

In the valley.

It was red hot coals
Fiery water falls,
Thorns under my feet,
Nails in my bones.
Drilling in my head,
Banging in my joints,
Rain from my skin,
Roars in my voice.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

~Dearest Miswa~


No need to be official,
Let me italicise:
hii ni ukweli,
No need to close my eyes.

I keep my eyes open
But sometimes they've lied,
Often I've missed the pearl
Coz I saw just the shell.

Purple lilac at first glance
A surge of emotions,
You set my feet to dance
Like the waves of the ocean.

But your purity and love
Rushed over me,
And soon became
The white lilac I now see.

You're a friend and an ear,
A shoulder for me to lean
Let me give you these words-
Goodness, may they glean.

Hii ni ukweli
My heart wants to give,
huu urafiki ni wa ukweli
These words I do give.