Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not my boast.

He calls me wolverine
This brother of mine,
His mind is convinced that man was I.

Bullet shots in the head,
Slashes on my skin
Every battle he enters, he surely must win.

I'm not new to terror
Not new to blades,
I shine like the orion and glow like the Pleiades .

I've been through the fire
Waded through the floods
Still I can leap and soar like the birds.

Been shot and wounded
Left alone to die
But I still got up and headed for the skies.

But be slow with your judgement
I'm not that strong at all
I don't want you to think I am standing tall.

I give it up for my saviour
Give it up for my Lord
Who else can take me through the narrow road?

He is my light
He is my fire
The only one able to lift me higher.

He's been here in the mud and the mire
Here in the blazing hot fires,
Here when no one else could be my brother.

And His light lives in many of us,
In Jesus, still growing, knowing more of Him;
Doesn't matter how small your light is-

A flicker, a glow, a big bright glare,
As long as you have that little light in you,
Go on my friend and you just let it shine.

Friday, February 19, 2010


I don't care what people thing or say about DMX, I love him. I like this song, thought, I should share it.

"Right / Wrong"


(Right and wrong)
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong).
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong).
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong).
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong).

[Verse 1]
Made me a leader before I was ready to lead.
Took away my hunger, but didn't give me greed.
Made me successful, when I just wanted to be heard.
Give me the light, cause all I need is the word.
Give me a life that I'm responsible for.
I'll give him what's right, cause I'm responsible for him.
And into the night, I'm gonna be there with him.
Facing a fight, I be right there with him.
Ready for Heaven, cause I done been through the Hell.
And since I was seven, I've had a story to tell.
See God is great, and that's why I'm still livin'.
He gave to me, so I'ma keep on givin'.
The bravery of a man's mind is slavery.
Is makin me the man I was made to be.
I hate to see when cats know but don't spit it.
Right is wrong, when it's on you gon get it.

Whatever which way they go (right and wrong).
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong).
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong).
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong).

[Verse 2]
I wake up frustrated dog, I'm hurtin' inside.
Think about the brothers that put in, work and then died.
A certain have tried, a certain have cried.
When it didn't go right, you hit me like.
You see things ain't always what they seem to be.
And the reason I dream of thee is He's with me.
And the reason I get through things so easily.
Is by the grace of God cause he, see's the need to guide me.
Walk right beside me.
Because he knows what's goin on inside me, he tried me.
Knew where my heart was at.
Knew what I was thinkin.
Knew when I was down and out, left there mistaken.
Knew when to pick me up, cause it got too hard.
Knew when I was gonna scream out "Please God!".
And you already knew that you would be there for me.
That's why I bring you together to give you the glory.

Whatever which way they go (right and wrong).
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong).
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong).
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong).

[Verse 3]
Everyday of life is a new chapter.
And it's already been foretold, so it's up to the soul to capture.
The essence of it all, the meek shall inherit the earth.
Destined to ride with the call from birth.
The true worth of a man, is not measured by what he does for himself,
but what he does for someone else.
And if you help another, without concern for a reward or gold.
What you give, you shall receive tenfold.

And I, put that on my soul.
And, put that on my life.
And, everything I own.
And, everything I know.
And, everything I show is what I was meant to do.
Everything I told you is what I've been through.
And everwhere I been, I was for a reason.
Walk through the desert, ended up freezin.
Start there, end up where?
And now they know...whatever which way they go.

Whatever which way they go (right and wrong).
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong).
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong).
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong).
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong).
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong).
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong).
Whatever which way they go.
They know they gonna owe.
They soul to the road they choose.
It don't matter if you win or lose.
You still gotta pay them dues.
You still gotta pay them dues.
You still gotta pay them dues.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Love Letter 6; Her Prayer

                                                                    And then she prayed to God;

Our father who art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy name,

‘Coz only you understand this crazy love game,

Lord give me today, a fine ass brother,

‘Coz the ones I’ve met so far, are all wrong numbers.

Lord I don’t care if he’s a baller,

Or six feet taller just let him know,

A woman’s worth or else,

I’ll kick his ass to the curb.


Give me a brother with game,

One who won’t be afraid to proclaim your name.

I know this sounds a bit insane,

But even Abraham asked and you gave.

Lord let him know I’m not some gold digger,

And that I just love things romantic and simple.

Lord let him know when to call, when to text,

And when to just shut up ‘coz I might be on PMS…

Lord show him how to love me,

‘Coz so far I haven’t seen a manual for this.


Lord teach him how to put me before his needs,

I know this may sound selfish,

But can you blame me?

Lord give him strength to handle me,

‘Coz sometimes I’m overpowered by my crazy mood swings.

There will be times I will give him the silent treatment,

But Lord give him the patience to stand by me.


Lord help him understand, that just ‘coz I don’t cook,

It doesn’t mean I can’t, sometimes I’m just not in the mood.

Lord forgive me my trespasses in advance,

That’s if I meet him and forget you were my first.

I’ll try my best to put you before all else,

‘Coz if it’s not about you, then the love has failed the test.


Lead me not into temptation,

‘Coz there’ll be times I want to go all the way,

Even when I know it’s 'wait ’ I’m supposed to say.

Lord let him not be a player,

And if he is let him be retired.


Lord let him be on time on our first date,

‘Coz I don’t want a man who’ll make me wait.

Lord deliver me from evil,

So, keep away those brothers,

Who will lead me astray from your will.


Lord let him understand that everyone makes mistakes,

And I don’t expect him to be perfect.

Lord I know I’ve asked for way too much,

But you say in your word to ask…

One last thing Lord,

I know I’ve told you what I want

But please give me the man that you know I need.

Because it’s in Jesus’ name that I’ve prayed,




Thursday, February 11, 2010

She Writes; Love Letter 5

                                                   She writes to him;

To the one I long for; the man I will one day call my husband,

Yesterday I thought about you, about who you are and what you look like, about where you might be and if you think of me. I smiled because you might not know this but I'm deeply in love with you already.

I've gone through a lot of trial and error and got my heart torn. I thought I'd met you in so many other men but I realized they weren't you. I still believe you are out there somewhere; I know that you are the one God has kept me for; the one God fashioned for me.

I'm writing you this letter to let you know that one day we will be together, when we will realize that all the heartache from past relationships and all the sacrifices we've made were all worth it, that love is real, that it can be perfect, it can be patient and unconditional, that it can hope in the impossible and endure the most painful. Sometimes i find myself scared that you will be like other men I've met, but perfect love casts out fear, so i will not fear but I wait for that time i will experience your love.

It may be a year, a month or two but I promise to wait for you; I will wait for you even if the wait is long and hard. I will wait.

And when I finally have you in my arms hun’, I want to spend this life with you, through the ups and downs, in sickness and in health. I want to have your babies; God knows I'm scared of all that pain, but I want to raise a family with you, for us to grow old together till you lose your memory or till I can't walk. I want to have you till death does us apart. That is how much I already love you.

Mama said when I meet you I will know it is you. In the meantime I will keep praying for you as I long and desire to finally be your wife and the first thing I will ask is ‘what took you too long?’

Love you.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love Letter 4

Feb 10th, 2010

My love,-to the girl I will one day call my own,

I woke up with a fresh body, fresh mind. Given that last night I was on the verge of falling very sick, it feels good to be alive, strong and hopeful. The sun is also shining, first time the morning is this golden since Friday. I hope you're fine.

Josh, a few weeks ago remarked and said that
"*sigh* Love?

A while ago I would have told you that "love is gain and pain is gain which means that love is pain"...but well, I guess it all depends on how you perceive it and take it.

And I think I was wrong..."

Love can be pain, I choose not to let it be. Honey, love is perfect, people are not. Sometimes we hurt each other, willingly or unwillingly. I may have said words that broke your heart, may have done things that annoyed you but deep down you know if I could, I would take them back because I love you.

Love doesn't play by the rules, lol, yeah I had to laugh. Why? Sometimes love won't let me follow my head, sometimes it makes me follow your voice, your heart beat, your touch.. lol. I love love, because love is beautiful.

You see, they say when love settles in ones heart, a cliff becomes a meadow; baby I can fall and not mind.

I know when you hurt me, it was painful,is always painful- like someone scraping my heart with barbed wire. It seethes to the core, gives me simmers in the head- it is painful but love endures, I believe it does- my utopian heart believes it. I love you; the pain is an itch that passes, because love is an elixir of life.

I love you baby, now, then, forever... I love you- you're the endless song in my heart.

Yours sincerely,

Your love,
Purple Heart

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Love Letter 3

7th Feb 2010

My love,-to the girl I will one day call my own,

Like I said before,
"Let us not be like stained glass windows, pleasant to look at but impossible to look through and let us not be like gems, trophies for viewing pleasure but lacking soul.
You, I want to bare my soul to- to express all I have inside me-the raging volcanoes, the simmering springs and placid pools."

Chocolate caramel hazel nut cake…the sweetest thing in the world could never compare to you. You should know what you have done to me- you have cast a spell over my heart, over my eyes.

None is as beautiful as you, no one’s eyes draw me as yours, no one’s touch is a soft as yours, no one’s laughter is as full as yours. There are many beauty queens, many damsels; I know none of their beauty compares to you- you are the most beautiful one in this world.

There are drops of honey dew on your heart, I want more. I want more of that joy in your heart that puts laughter in mine; more of the colour in your eyes that puts a glow in mine. I want to hear more of that voice that calms the raging fires in my heart. I want more.

I thought at one point maybe I would stop. I thought I would stop finding pleasure in your presence: your heart beating against mine, your fingers curled in mine, your eyes that glitter like the stars. Can one get enough of love? Your voice…do you know what it could do to me? My chest becomes a hot spring, bubbling endlessly at the sound of that angelic cadence. There are days when we are on the phone, those days when you are sleepy, and when I’m sleepy too, but none wants to hang up….once you told me to keep talking, that you want my voice to be the last thing you hear- how can I want that to stop?

Love is a river, the waters keep flowing.

They say the first cut is the deepest, I would rather disagree. The first cut is the most painful, especially when she told me she didn’t love me; when she said she didn’t feel the way I felt. However, when the wound healed, and God poured His healing oil, the pain was gone, forever…it is you I love, it is you I will love with my all.

You are my heart beat, my present thought. You’re the red roses I see everyday, fresh and vivid, you’re the delight of this soul. My heart pours out verses from the depths for you. My love for you is a river flowing without end, attempts to dry it up are in vain.

You, my dear, know how I feel. I love you.

Where there is love there is no darkness. ~Burundian Proverb

Yours sincerely,

Your love,
Purple Heart

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Love Letter 2

Feb 6th 2010

My love,to the girl I will one day call my own

Do they ever well up in you? Waters. Fires. Winds of love? Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and have my name on your lips? Do the waters sometimes leak through your eyes, like they do mine? Surrounded, immersed in waves of complete emotion.

It's a cold morning, the rain has been falling since I woke up...the skies cry with me you know. Since you've been away, there have been clouds forming, and now they've broken. The moment we parted has been imprinted on my mind. I cannot see anything else apart from your eyes, can't hear anything else apart from your have bound me to you more by this separation.

I long to see you again.

But I do not know. How do you feel? I asked you before, am I seeing wraiths or actual pictures of love? I suspect the way you feel- the way you say my name is different, the way you look at me, the way you touch me, the way you hug me.... It cannot just be that we're friends? COuld it?

Still, my heart goes forth. I cannot go back. You have set me on a journey with no looking back.... Either culminates into requited passion or you leave me withered as a leaf fallen off a tree...

Do you love me?

Yours sincerely,

Your love,
Purple Heart

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Love letter 1

3rd Feb 2010

My love,-to the girl I will one day call my own,

Let us not be like stained glass windows, pleasant to look at but impossible to look through and let us not be like gems, trophies for viewing pleasure but lacking soul.
You, I want to bare my soul to- to express all I have inside me-the raging volcanoes, the simmering springs and placid pools.

I want you to know me, and not be blind. If I hurt you with what I say, baby be kind. This needs to go away before my heart can once again fully embrace another.

You see, my love for her, the one before you-came like an earthquake. It shook everything under me-she sneaked into and made my heart a servant of the thirst for acceptance and belonging. Her smile, her voice, her laughter-these were my air, soil and sunlight. She's the one I had to see everyday lest I wither and die from her absence.

She was special to me-she was my world. We ate pancakes and drank tea together, walked across the dam on the Nile laughing and dancing with the butterflies, we shoulder touched in the cinema watching Mr and Mrs Smith…we did so many things together. I cancelled appointments because of her, left important lectures to see her, my world was this girl, but I won't compare her to you.

Still her gaze was my breath, those beautiful brown eyes; falling in love with her was bliss- it made my heart run and leap.

But, I need to let you see you're not the girl of ages gone. She was a promise, a shadow. But you in my life: The flesh that wound up the dry bones of hopelessness.

She may have fuelled fires in my soul, may have churned deep springs of desire but hers was to show, to give me a taste of the love I hope is in you. I needed to tell you now, because love is not a game. It is the soil upon which flowers and thorns can grow, it the sun which can give life or death. You see, darling, love can be poison, it can be death, but I hope with you, it can be the dew of hope every morning. I pray it can be the beautiful colour that will paint our hearts as one on this canvas of life-to be together, now and forever.

My heart speaks of love for you; what was dying has come anew. But I wonder whether you feel it too or is the malady of love already giving me deceptive wraiths…?

Yours sincerely,

Your love,
Purple Heart

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Rwenzori Mineral Water

Living in Kampala of late feels like living on the outskirts of hell. My dear, what if the Mayans were right? All over a sudden seems like the rain has abandoned us....maybe after Christmas the rain saw what ungrateful little brats we were all complaining how it could rain on the day- spoiling major beach and pork plot...little did we know we would wish everyday was Christmas 2009. Alas, the joke's on us.

Now, this heat coincides with my watching of 2012. I swear that movie is so spooky it always spooks me to sleep whenever I try to watch it to completion. I have tried two days in a row but always fail to finish it... I mean, did you see how the land was giving way? Reminded me of the story of the men in the Bible that the earth swallowed up....I see exactly what happened to them. {Num 16:31 And it came to pass, as he had made an end of speaking all these words, that the ground clave asunder that [was] under them:And the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their houses, and all the men that [appertained] unto Korah, and all [their] goods.... follow the rest of the story}

Gosh! And Haiti happened a few weeks after 2012....hmmmm

Well, I'm told to outsmart the heat you'll need to- Rehydrate: that way you will not be the bozo who fainted coz he had no time to drink. If you're reading this you're probably able to stock up on enough water for the day. 3, 1.5ltr bottles are not bad at all, not expensive either- just 2,700 where am at.

And if you're a lawyer, I pity you coz those dark jackets you put on as're probably doing human luwombo on yourself? Google would be such a nice place to work at in these moments for y'all. But surely, someone should invoke a new dress code for times like these. Ban all long sleeved shirts and trousers, let's go back to the era of King's African Rifles...woooohooo....funky.

And honestly, new work policies should come in place- do those meetings at some poolside, or go for forest walks. Relocate offices....remove ceilings...

Well, I'm yapping too much. Thank God there's a fan in this office. Yes, a fan, the ones of the ceiling. Munange, I am not in the class of those of air-con but the fan does work well. Let me get back to work before...No, I need to go to the 'syuper market'...not for love bambi....for Rwenzori Mineral Water.