Thursday, August 25, 2011

My current state of "repairs".

So, this is an attempt to prevent any unwanted usage as a mat of a transformer, according to Angela Kintu. I hope I beat the 235 minute deadline. :)

I am attempting to write this post the fastest way I can but the distractions are immense. I have an appointment in less than half an hour, and I need to have some samples designed before that time. I am also interviewing a great designer for an upcoming article, not to mention I may have to chip in tea.

I was not told that an office job is crazier than freelancing. Deadlines, multitasking, attention to detail on a much greater level. I am happy I am employed, it is a testimony that God hears and does answer in His perfect timing. Do not quit believing.

I am not about to get married. However, many of my friends are.

[an hour later, I am still working on this post].

I like my space sometimes. Problem is, on the days I want it most, there are many that would want my attention. That is not a bad thing. It helps one avoid pitfalls sometimes, for example, depression. However, when my space is for issues of relating with God, I am sorry I may not give my space away. I still have some exceptions on that case....mostly fair ones. ;)

I love fried stuff, nonetheless, I am not fat. I tried to get fat, and concluded that is not my gift. Maybe I did not really try. A workmate asked one time why "geeks" or computer people are small and I am no longer amused by the question. Nor by the one that suggests that IT people, take longer to marry because there is initially a conflict of interest. Women and IT, sadly have not yet mixed.

I miss writing. Writing poetry, writing pietry, writing prose... I miss it. I have sort of moved away from my heart and moved outside to things like gaming. What should I do? And to think I had wanted to win a Laureate award back in the day. Hmmm...

I am nobody important, you would not know me, except of course if for some reason you've seen my name randomly in a Newspaper or on a wall in graffiti on some road in the UK. I am shy. Please talk to me first, it's not that I am proud, I just have failed to say the first word.

I heard a funny word yesterday- xyctosis, I do not think it is even a word, it is just a sound. A funny sound. I was being cautioned on not wasting my xyctosis on the wrong thing. That I must wait for the right thing to come along. Thing in which case could range from living things to non living things.

I went visiting on Tuesday at a hostel and felt lost. Growing up really gives you perspective. The things people at hostels [read Campus] value are such diminutive in comparison to the things they will value when off campus. Sometimes however, a season will not affect value, rather a person's character and sadly fewer and fewer people, especially the youth, have values.

Okay, I can say I am done with this randomness. Coz, frankly, I need to go make money for this company but I must say this was fun. :) Will try it again some time.

I did not even talk about repairs... ugh! But, next time.

Friday, August 12, 2011

England Looting and God

If you look at this article and this and also this, and even this you will realise that many people in England have lost faith.

The fact that there is looting by the youth as young as 12 or even younger indicates that there is a generally growing trend of secularism. Given that the items looted are mainly electronics like laptops and phones, not to mention designer clothes, it would seem the rioters are satisfying a need to be as materialistic as their richer friends.

There is no contentment, there is lack of restraint, frustration, no conscience at all. Why? God has been forgotten. Right and wrong thrown to the dogs. One wonders why the same people impose rules on other states who are still seeking the direction of God.

If a leadership abandons God, the people being led follow suit. When the economy takes precedence in a man's affairs, his conscience surely departs.

I could have said more, but my opinion is, these riots show us that England has stopped teaching her children the values, ethics, morals that come from the knowledge of Our Maker.

There is a lack of godliness in England. How sad yet it was England that brought the knowledge of God to this country.


Proverbs 14:34.