Monday, March 29, 2010

The Tin Man's Curse

Pain. An eternal theme, can be expressed in many ways, but with all the pain we can feel, isn't it the pain in the soul that hurts the most? Here, a possible first of a best seller from a friend...enjoy.
Sweet webs of sleep laced my eyes shut, for a minute i felt the numbness ease away. I dreamt of beauty, the boy in blue and the girl with pink ribbons in her hair, hand in hand they leaped with joy, oblivious to the world at large. As I wept, I did so one last time. The rain fell hard on me and yes this is what I wanted, I told myself,to be drenched, some how cleansed of all, unable to feel all. So I shut my eyes as it rained harder. Lying there still, I grew cold, icy solid.

When I woke up I felt strange, light, almost elated!! However, was this what I wanted? Was all gone? I sat up trying to adjust to this new body. As I stretched out my hands, the metallic projections startled me at first, but then it dawned on me, I had indeed been transformed, I was all shiny metal, the rain had washed the flesh away. Tapping my chest gently, all that echoed back was the hollow emptiness; that wretched thing had gone too, vanished like the noon day breeze, now I could function, I could live, shining metal and all.

Days weaved into nights. I saw the birds singing by day but I could not hear their music; I gasped for air, but only to survive, never really breathing freshness. By night, the fireflies glowed, but I was not warmed. Then one day as I sat there pondering, a beautiful orchid began to bloom right before my eyes. I looked but I could not enjoy its scent; I tried to touch it but I could not. With its radiance it beamed, beckoning me on, but I was too afraid. I got up, took in all its beauty and ran. Why couldn't I stay? Why did I have to go? Why didn't I know of its beautiful fragrance? I'll tell you why. I have the Tin man's curse. I have no heart.

Azure C.K

(The Orchid's post.)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This one thing I hold onto...

Before it's too late. I will keep coming Lord, but what if one day it's too late?

14Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has gone through the heavens,e Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess. 15For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet was without sin. 16Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. (Heb 4:14-16)

So I keep coming, the only thing I hold onto is promise that you will see me, that in fact you will not see me, that you will see Jesus, the High Priest. I keep coming, LORD. I have nowhere else to go. If you will not accept me, then I am finished. D.A.M.N.E.D. So I keep coming Lord, my hope is in those words- approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that i may receive mercy and find grace to help me in my time of need.

That, is my lifeline. My sanity.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

...So, the prank caller, and etc

She must have laughed her self silly, to think that a whole Nevender failed to deduce it was she playin the prank... Aha. This time she got me.

Just before I said good night two days ago, she said "good night Nev,"...and I was like, what did you call me? "Nev"... Now, you must understand, I gave her full doubt benefits, even those of not pursuing clues. So I was like okay, and she laughed. I said goodnight, not really thinking that it could have been her.

Last night I asked, "Do you any of your friends have my number?"

She laughed again- that laugh that gives one away but still I had given her so much benefits of doubt that she had to nudge me and say " It was me, okay?"

Nev:What??!! Hahaha...You played the prank?
Prank caller:Yes.
Nev:That wasn't you on the phone.
Prank caller:It was my relative who called.
Prank caller:Yeah, did not want to keep you in suspense any more
Nev:I wasn't in suspense, it was just funny, was wondering who it was
Prank caller:I can't believe you failed to figure it out
Prank caller:Coz, it should have been obvious. I was expecting you to call me and say, nice one..
Nev: I knew it was a prank. There are no doctor love shows at 7:22pm.
Prank caller: But it was funny. She (Miss Jackson) said you sounded amazed that they knew your name.
Nev: Like I said, not many call me Nev.
Prank caller: It would have been better if the caller ID hadn't shown, haha.
Nev: Hmmm... you liked it.
Prank caller: Yes, haha

...and a whole yada yada..

So, she keeps upsetting the balance of power this one. Keeps revealing new angles of herself much to my surprise! Ahem...I need my vitamins- she has outwitted me one too many. I guess I have to turn my cheek, coz this one cannot be revenged.

In other news, Maria of the chucking fame finally gave up. After six years of faithfulness, she died. I am not taking her for repair. I will let her rest in peace.


Quote line- Hurting people hurt people.

Don't be the one who hurts someone because you're hurting. Vent, give it to Jesus and be clean of your pain.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am not her boyfriend

Yes. I insist.

I am currently going through a time when sincerely, how can anyone think I am their boyfriend..HMM?

So, I get a call while enjoying cell from a number I do not have stored in my phonebook. I say hallo, and hear a female voice on the other side- let us call her Miss Jackson.

Miss Jackson: Hi.
Miss Jackson: Can you tell me the name of your girlfriend?
Nev: Girlfriend? Hahaha. Who wants to know?
Miss Jackson: You're Nev, aren't you?
Nev: Why?
Miss Jackson: Just tell me the name of your girlfriend, she's on the line and is listening.
Nev: Hahaha... Are you serious?
Miss Jackson: You're nev, aren't you?
Nev: I am, but why are you asking?
Miss Jackson: I want you to tell me the name of your girlfriend, she is on the line, listening.

(It is 7:22pm, Wednesday, do they do any Doctor Love shows at such a time? Moreover, there is need to report Kasubi tombs and Makerere Uni. This cannot be a radio. If it is, maybe it is Wakasanke Fm.)

Nev: But how can I tell you her name when I have none?
Miss Jackson: She is on the line listening. So you're saying you have no girlfriend?
Nev: I am single. Nev is a single dude.
Miss Jackson: You're sure you have no girlfriend?
Nev: I have no girlfriend. I am single.
Miss Jackson: Okay.

(dead tone) She cannot be serious. She just hang up. Hahahaha....

I try calling back two times and Miss Jackson doesn't pick. I say easy.

I jump back to cell..the hymn we're singing is " Bind us together Lord, bind us together, with chords that cannot be broken.....bind us together Lord bind us together, bind us together with Love.....

The irony.

I resume singing the hymn, half laughing! Oh.. my life is interesting... Crank call? They got my name right. So which of you bloggers is upto this? Eh?!!! I have no girlfriend; neither do I have an ex, okay, whoever you are....

It was funny though.

I am hoping to come for BHH though...Rev,I love your new blog. Oh and guys, the porkaty- you're all invited, as long as you give to Ceasar by 25th March his 10k.

on the radio- Miss Jackson- Outkast.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Most times, like now, I really have no idea how I should start my blog. It has been too long since I actually sat and thought of what to write. Some of my previous posts have been song lyrics which I love but apart from that, blogging has been sidelined but here I am, let's see how this goes...

I have not been to any BHH since this year started so you prolly do not know that now I have a cool black goatee and improved English; next time I appear at the BHH I will surely try to fit in with all you interektchos and your Ingo-lisho!!

To my shame, I have not seen the inside of Watoto Church either since January, and you must be wondering, why is my life fallin apart? Of late I have not been too enthusiastic about doing Sunday or Sato service. My Sato's usually find me visiting friends and my Sundays are spent mostly in bed too ward of fatigue. I have been doing a lot of things since Feb, work especially is hard coz the dude whose stuff I am working on can be demanding. Dude changes his mind ever so often..

But I don't mean to cut Church, maybe I have grown "ekitwe" and think I have heard it all but no... I actually endeavour to go for cell, every Wednesday, and cell always rocks. Somehow I need new gas for Church, new verve, new fire, yes...I do.

I couldn't help but laugh as I read all the posts on Valentine's day; serakelz's post unhinged me from ignorance as I learnt new things about women. This day was awesome, I got to see a friend of mine- his chickilovely baiby had just given him a new born baby, a son and oh, how precious that boy is! I couldn't believe, this boy who we used to study,talk,play with all the way from 2000 was now a daddy! Whoah!!

Sadly sometime later, another close friend of mine lost his brother, his only brother and it was one of those things that sobers you up. I got a chance to be there for him and just be a friend as he went through the sorrow.

Those two friends of mine are both engaged, guys we played Mortal Kombat on PS consoles with at Guild Canteen while we were still bu young guys at MACOS. Time has shifted seriously...

I made a new friend too. Amazing what you miss out when you do not reach out and talk to was Valentine's day when we hooked up but seeing as she isn't a fan of the day, we had to celebrate somethin else...after a month it's been awesome. What we celebrated was called "Mwanzo Amitie". Friends go a long way in keeping me sane, I thank God for all of them.

Work is hectic, I do two jobs, so man... I really cannot wait to become rich.

By the way, before I forget, I am invitin all who want to come for an evening of pork, n'ebigenderako, music, people later this month on 27th in Kisaasi. Just 10k. U can hand over yo dime before 25th, just call me- 0714005045.

I had a lot to say but did not say it all. Just pray that this is the month God scatters all my enemies and renews the fire on my heart.

Peace out.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Every Prayer

Every Prayer

I heard 'em say He brought me from a mighty long way
And now today I can testify that I believe it
And on my way I realized He's the one who kept me
When the storms of life arise, sleepless nights and desperate cries
He has captured every tear assuring me He hears

Every prayer, waiting on the answer only to discover He is near
And He hears every prayer for He has done great things
And I believe He's a God that always answers prayer

I heard 'em say the prayers of the righteous availeth much
And now today I can testify that I believe it
Now on my way I wanna let you know that He will keep you
When the storms of life arise, sleepless nights and desperate cries
He's captured every tear assuring me that He hears

Every prayer, waiting on the answer only to discover He is near
And He hears every prayer for He has done great things
I believe He's a God that always answers prayer

Don't despise the tears you've cried
Or the prayers that you have prayed
Heaven heard your every word
And the answer, the answer's on the way

I heard 'em say there is an answer on the way
My God has done so many great things, great things
Hold on and you will see there is an answer on the way
My God has done so many great things, great things

Oh, there is an answer on the way
My God has done so many great things, great things
Hold on, hold on, there is an answer on the way
My God has done so many great things, great things

Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on
Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on
Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on
You can make it, you can make it
You can make it for he has done great things

I believe He's a God that always
I believe He's a God that always
I believe He's a God who always answers prayers
Yes, He does

Israel Houghton feat Mary Mary

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Midnight Serenade

The lights are out, everyone's asleep
But I know I should draw, from my well so deep;
To give you of the elixir, this honey I keep,
It's no good for me alone, so I offer to thee.

Let go of those tears, those you wept out at night
Forget those fears, those ghosts of hind sight;
Put a smile on your face, your personal half yellow sun,
A new day has come, it's now safe to not run.

Let your wings be colourful, and ornate like a butterfly
Let your joy be calm and warm, like a firefly;
Spread out your arms, like a child, fly free
Open your eyes again, there are sunsets and rainbows to see.

Have faith and take a step, into these longing arms
They long to have and hold, release you from olden harm;
So while the lights are out, while eyes drift to lands of charm
My heart is right here with you, off'ring this midnight Psalm.

Yours truly,

~Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer~

For Double A.