Friday, July 30, 2010


These were his exact words that snake-hissy tongue; mbu "Ze Be. etcH. etcH, it is upon us. Vat shall ve do? Today's theme is 'how to have a local accent but still be sexy'. come with ur points written down, and earn points"

Sir, who promised these points, I did not see them at all. Neither did we at anyone point talk about local sexy accents.

At this rate, BHH as a name is becoming meaningless. Moreso, there are many different social networking religions; some believe that one liners are the way to go therefore twitter, others [Sleek] simply cannot bottle up all the awesomeness of literal grandeur in one sentence so prefer to blog. Others, like Baz are about effect-whatever does it best, he believes and practices. Others are just down right addicted to facebook. Others are loyalists-blogger or die baby!

I am not supposed to do this review because I agreed with Dorene that since she knew everyone's name and I was well, quick to forget, she would do it. 24 hrs later she has sat on her duties that shameless sweet girl of the dimples.

Charlene, Darlene. What are the odds of having people at BHH with rhyming names moreover in alphabetical order? C-D. Don't ask me though, I can't tell you but we had Charlene and Darlene in the same space on Thursday night. However, I do not know if their paths crossed. By the way, Dee, you last blogged in March!!!! A whole you?!

I got at Mateos thinking I was early. The security man waved his metal detector upon my sides, under the arms and so forth. No, he did not touch me. But he took my water, my mineral water mbu we they had water inside. Can you imagine, I left my half empty mineral water bottle with the guard because they had mineral water inside?

I finally got to see Dorene's hair in real life 3D without the goggles. It feels like hair actually. Thought it felt like something cooler, no offence miss. I said Dorene because my cousin says she's no longer called Antipop...What was the explanation for the name dropping?

Jason is a great poet, but a blogger? I did not know. For many of you who do not know this dude, he is a rebel. Remember George Bernard Shaw anyone? The reason Americans spell colour as color and finalise as finalize. This dude is a rebel like that: What are sentence caps to him? Does he even know what full stops do in poetry? He's a rebel.

Spartacuss is growing bigger. I wonder what spinach he is eating that I may eat some too. Ooooh, in fact him and Sleek seem to go to the same gym. Spartacuss was around for a short time but I noticed that after I had gone home.

Diana, on the other hand was around for a short time, but I noticed her in the act of exiting the premises in the company of a one mogul whose name I may not mention in this my blog space. Could have been Baz, or DK, I wish it were me.

Anyway, Youngafrican is a Sneakerhead. She had on a cool pair of sneakers which by some computer demon I have failed to show here. Click on this link to see what I mean- Funky stuff.

Oh, had forgotten, in African tradition MarkBulamu is my uncle because he and my mom share a tribe. That makes it legit for me to call Normzo, uncle. So uncle Normzo, next time I need to go to Muyenga, can I borrow your car? Tehehe.

Johnny my man, mbu had a fever. So initially, his drink of choice was a cold Coca Cola. He was in fact also putting on a sweater. However, during the course of the evening some miracle chanced upon him and he ended up taking a "cool" Nile Gold. I wonder whether it was the only one, however, being in the company of Normzo and Mark, peer pressure may have worked wonders. Later, these guys were joined by Carsozy to start their day at Mateos. By the way, Carsozy, where had you gone off to man? A year in absence.

Talking of miracles, that lady who always looks HOT!! in red, I mean who else, Heaven of the Sqoop, said she had been at Free Thinkers night [insert shudder here]. And whoever she told indeed initially shuddered, not a shudder of disgust but one of betrayal! Those people are enemies!! Like the Triads and Yakuza! How could she?

Anyhow, she did. Good thing though is she was not converted...hehe [Sleek would never had approved anyway].

So my cousin, Safyre [please remember that name Dorene] was there. In fact, he arrived in the company of three ladies, two of whom disappeared shortly after they entered the premises.

Lulu succumbed to the pull of BHH and showed up looking corporate as usual. Which reminds me, where does Basix be these days? Streetsider never loses a step with style. In another world, he was the famous black rockstar from Uganda. Last time I remember, Street had quit blogging but guess he's back.

However, I think my greatest joy was in seeing Nalongo. The one of the twins. Chanel. Mama Baby. I think she be so blessed. I mean twins. Boy and girl, wow! Notwithstanding, I had forgotten how Chanel looked and then she went right on and embarrassed me by saying she knew who I was. Anyway, that was sorted. Then there was this Mwirigi [Paul] who apparently knew almost everyone at BHH albeit not being a blogger.

Ivan has not yet played God of War 3. I had to check.

Mark Keith. McKeith, Baz, Safyre with Heaven attempted to mock me because I was unknown to Lady Sinister, the in your face girl with the Fro'. On the contrary, she has heard of Nev, and Rev and tells me she checks my blog but finds narra. Forgive me for being so famous [vanity vanity]. Rev....aha. All I know is he was busy, so could not make it.

I wonder what Guinness tastes like. No, I do not wonder. I wonder why most ladies at BHH were fascinated with Guinness. All I could see around were black bottles of that 250 year old brew. Aha. Oh, save for the fact that McKeith and Safyre wanted Safe Sex on the Beach...I didn't know what that was..honest but since Safyre wanted to drink it, should not have been alcoholic and indeed it isn't. Unfortunately for the fans of the Mateos cocktails, there was no buy one get one free this time.

This is the point I apologise to those whose names I forgot or did not bother to find out because I was either shy or too shy. [The two/three ladies seated near me/opposite?] Dorene should have done this recap. She usually remembers all names, except my cousin's name.

I had fun at BHH. The turn out was great. Oh, and you know how when you go to Church every Sunday it encourages you to live a Christian life of faith, in the same way, BHH revives the desire to blog, which I am hereby doing.

Charlene, your name is not so hard to pronounce by the way, and I did not know rum was sold in Mateos. I thought it was a sea affair.

Oh, a friend of mine made a cameo albeit unnoticed, Ronnie, a funny guy I have known for 5 years now. Maybe he will soon become a blogger too.

Dorene, I am waiting for your version 2.0 BHH review.

I'm out.


Monday, July 26, 2010


Right now I feel like she is this near, kindred soul, I actually feel her pulsating under my skin. My cadence has changed and my head follows suit. Wish I could scream like she does. Wish I could shout like she does. Wish I could be her, but me. I am drawn. She brings me to tears. She knows how cold a heart can feel. She is here right now, alone with me in my solace, in the cold warmth. Sing some more for me.

Sunday, July 04, 2010


I was trying to get the perfect words,
An umbrella of light to place in your hands
For you to place above your head,
So the rain of pain wouldn't make you wet.

But how would I know lest you told me so,
That they were delightful and made you glow?
So I decided to give what I thought was best;
Something that I thought would leave you blessed.

So I'm saying, when you smile, I will smile with you;
And when you cry, I will be strong for you;
When pain overwhelms, I will pray for you;
When sorrow sheds your heart, I will comfort you...

With the love that God has placed in my heart;
With the courage that God has put in my soul;
With the hope that tomorrow is a better day,
And the faith that God is here even today.

For Double A, :) again.