Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Omuyaaye tapowa

pre first thoughts- What's with this alina potential thing? People have you not heard of this song- tapowa? I am digging the message in those beats- omuyaye tapowa, tapowa, tapowa, tapowa. If I was a friend of Job,I would have sent it to him as a dedication.

Onto more serious things kati..

First thoughts: In love, there's no holding back. Celine Dion.

Regurgitating thoughts.

I was conned last Thursday. In the presence of kin moreover, and he just watched as I was conned- as I gave in to this "student" from Entebbe going to Mukono needing 1500 for transi.

What is it with my face? Do I look approachable? i don't think I do. Yet con students think I am? People what is my problem? oKAY, I think I would prefer being conned than beaten up and robbed but still, that doesn't make it right.

Second thoughts: Relationships are about waiting.

Ever waited for a phone call? It's like this (let's pretend yo the girl).

This guy tells you of undying love ( I mean the love I have for you is like a ghoul that won't die no matter how many times I throw grenades at it, times I try to chop it up with pangas and axes, times I run it over with CAT caterpillars... It keeps going and going and going...)

He explains with images you understand ( Ojukila that advert of Nice pens the one where there was a guy saying that Nice goes on forever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever,and ever, and ever,and ever...and in fact they just had to cut the advert off coz the guy was still saying forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever?)

He then goes on bended knees and says in a husky, romantic, suave, cool, low rich voice " Baby, (huba huba) wait (pauses, looks aside melodramatically) for me." He pauses some more for effect then says " But I will call you when I'm on the other side." With tears, he opens his arms wide and sucks you in then breaks free allowing you to linger as he walks away. But then he quickly veers to give you a long kiss after which your hands separate and he walks away not daring to look back.

You watch as he moves away,wiping tears from your eyes with one hope on your mind- he will call.

The first day passes. You thought that perhaps the phone will ring but the sun rose and set without you hearing a thing. It's okay, it's just the first day. He will call.

It is raining today; a call would really cheer you up. The phone rings and you are delighted! You can't wait to hear the voice on the other end of the line. You pick the phone with expectancy and hear a woman's voice instead. "Ugh!" It almost came out loud. The woman had a wrong number. It's just two days. He will call.

This goes on for a week but you never lose hope...he will call.

Anyone ever waited for a phone call like that chick?

Point of Contention: All light skinned babes are beautiful. Most ugly light skinned babes are more beautiful than the most beautiful dark skinned ones.

Silverbow: When life throws you shit, make fertiliser!

May God remain our sanity. Nice mid week.
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