Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jackson Muwanguzi's life

If you're like me, then you know that it is indeed possible to go one entire night living in a parallel universe. In this universe you are 39 and married to a beautiful woman with three kids-two boys and a girl, living in England. You own a studio flat and a big flat from where you get some income in addition to having equity shares.

You are learning how to sail as well as playing golf and taking part in quiz games once in a while.

Not only that, you make trips to several countries, especially when the Premiership is over and watch international matches being played by Brazil.

But it's not that sweet you know, because your schedule can become very tight especially with your bosses breathing down your neck to deliver results. They have provided the cash and now it is up to you to start making the gold.

However, the bosses are not your only problem. You have your subordinates who you should train and motivate well so that they can give you good results. Their hard work is a must for you to deliver the results needed by the boss. They are not the only ones whose pressure you must deal with though; there are the consumers who demand the highest quality because as a matter of fact they pay whatever you ask for your goods and services.

You rarely rest because you are there personally supervising the production of the goods, giving instructions, correcting, motivating the workers, criticising some, praising etc

However, when the result of your hard work is good and excellent, you are refreshed with delight, a bonus to the cheque that goes promptly into your bank account.

Your peers in rival companies sometimes try to distract your work saying bad things about your style of work, your ethics and the like but you stay focused and keep delivering. Other companies' bosses tempt you at times with big offers, promising you all the resources you need- you almost accepted once but then changed your mind.

Yes some of your best workers have gone but your determination and style has never changed. Your spirit is steadfast.

This post could easily have been about Arsene Wenger but truth of the matter is, it's about Jackson Muwanguzi, the Manager of Arsenal football club and Brazil on my EA SPORTS FIFA 09 Manager.

He is why I didn't sleep the other night.
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