Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For (most of )the bloggers

Blogger Name Dropping.

Well, if you love some of that great gospel rap music then you will be aware of the song 47 Mcs by KJ52 (Five-two, not fifty two),lyrics here; and 47 pop stars by the same artist (lyrics here), you will learn he was able to spit rhymes while mentioning at least 47 mcs/popstars. I thought I'd give it a try so here goes. I couldn't get all the bloggers in here but if you see yourself holla and tell the blogger who u see also, to come and read ko...okay? Nice read.

Boy do I wonder how I ever got here, yet here I am anyway on the edge of innocence. I tried to be silent but was tired of a common life. So I have some things to say, so let me start straight away.

I've met some dudes who were too weak to be boring; a young paparazzi engaging the culture and an apprentice to a master of the elements. They told me that if my resting place was in the good Saviour alone, I'd be serene and contented and never go mad and crazy. But what's left of me after these many years? My pride is gone, I need to bow out in humility, it's obvious silver ain't as good as gold. But gemstones like sapphire usually make plain gold look better.

Sometimes I pray for sunshine when the rain is falling hard, and take a cup of coffee with some tasty butter cookies. God didn't promise life would always be seamless but He told us to remember that this too shall pass. If you're curiously ugly, then always smell good, wear Chanel Number 5; remember the weakest among the skunks is the most fragrant!

They say it's no longer possible to be insomniac in Uganda since 86, these days its music not gun shots that lull us to sleep. I do love music but am somewhat anti-pop, though not as anti as some maniac fellas who yell like Carlo Ancelloti of AC Milan. But back to basics though. In moments like these I walk on by meadows where beauty lies and I feel at peace. In a nutshell, deliberate on life; bug God like Deedee bugs Dexter.

What do Dark Knights and Rogue Kings share in common? Some say it's life, others say it's business, other's say it's design. What keeps the feather behind the veil? What makes the page in the book rise when no wind is blowing? Answers is what we all seek.

Honestly, Ugandan boys like me prefer Ugandan girls, but sometimes ElectroMagnetic Interference brings me closer to a final strain. Signs and signals, is there a difference? 31337, 3, 313, there's always a three chronicled in the story.

Anyway, remember that inside each one of us are little boys and girls; so do not take life too seriously,mubaleke abaana bazanye. And if you're doing well and know someone who isn't, don't be selfish, connect him, naye ab'e mu Kintu. Sibeela mubi if I misspell sometimes but this post is tired and coming to an end. Tekabadde kasozi kangu but it would be rented madness for me to keep going. One last thing: true random liciousness ain't a mantra,i guess it's what we call tandra.

Till next time.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The noble pursuit.

I usually do not finish projects (as some site was telling me after some name test) so I want to start on this one and see where it will end.

Chapter 1.

It was the night that campus opened. His brothers had gone now. The sun had set;It was dark outside. The room was empty. Four grey walls with paint peeling off. He could smell the stench of the toilets which were just a room away and realised the door to the toilets was not closed. So he got his clutch, and moved out of the room into the small corridor and pushed the door shut. He went back to the empty room still unaware of what was next.

The windows were broken, a hand could easily slip in and reach for something on the table that was just in front of them. As the wind brushed against the weeds outside, he felt a little uneasy.

His bed was laid well, everything had been put for him in its proper place. He smiled at his brothers' generosity and care. There was a lot of noise outside, other first years were just arriving and he wandered to himself why they would arrive at such an awkward hour. Maybe his room mates were among those just arriving. There were three empty decker beds in the room. He had been on time again, like his mom had taught him to be. Reporting day was reporting day.

He decided to lay on his bed and then the thoughts began: his secondary school life; his academics, his social life. What had been so exciting? Nothing remarkable. Only for the good grades and certificates in literary competitions, Noah had not really had a life at secondary school.

Oh, he had his three friends:Baker, Liam and Benson. These guys were hilarious, they could turn anything into a joke. Their jokes always kept him lively. However, he did not need their jokes the time that she had mortified him with a complex harangue which was a reply to a letter he had sent to her. But the boys, the boys laughed at him. They read both letters and laughed!

It would be different this time, he thought. This time he would ask God Himself and he did. He went on his knees and prayed for a girlfriend. He was very specific; he wanted a talkative girl, a God fearing lady, a spirited fun loving woman, someone who would complement him. And at the end of his prayer, he said AMEN.

He did not mind his disability, he knew that his Father, God would provide.

It was day one of campus but the undergraduate degree he had come to achieve was the last thing on his mind. His mind was intent on first and foremost, the pursuit of love. The noble pursuit.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Death in the night

It was about 8pm in the night. Salvador Sorenza was just starting to capture all the women's hearts that night when I heard a loud scream. I heard it. Someone shrieked! It was a cold and sharp shriek. Deathly. I think no one else heard it because everyone continued about their business. I did not say a thing because perhaps I was dreaming things, so I continued with the rest as we watched Second chance.

No sooner had I turned my attentions to the screen than someone knocked on the door. A quick hurried knock. We were stunned and took a moment to respond but then the knocking came again and Alice rose up quickly to go to the door. By now, all our attentions turned to the door. I got up to see what it was.

"Mama Rebecca wali?"

"Ye. Wali."

"Mama amweetaga, mugambe agye mangu!"

Mummy came to the door and rushed away with Frank, the neighbour's son. Moments later she came back asking for telephone numbers.

"We need a special hire quickly!"

But all our attempts were futile.

When we finally seemed to get a vehicle, Frank came and told us.

"It's no use now. Omwana ssi mulamu" Meaning the child was dead. Lived only 2 days.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Vain hope

Where is the fruit of your promise?
The hope you said would become tangible?
This waiting feels like rotting flesh
For the time past shows me nothing.

What of the words you said?
The times you made me feel loved?
There were days my heart was excited
But now it's a cold and pale outcome.

I see despair,
Hearts about to implode.
You have made us restless, eyes pregnant
Our eyes fail to glow, tears want to fall.

We want to escape, to be alone
Away from vain hope, away from our friends;
Those friends think we're something we're not.
See, the burden that fills my woes.

You said I would handle it,
But I can't,
I have tried, you know I have tried
What shall I do now?

Who else should should I address
Whose power have I trusted?

I rather suffer alone
And deal with my anger,
Yet the joy that should make me strong
Has been taken away from them!

If tears you see,
They are my release..
This hope should never run dry
But the sun scorches on...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hi friends, I have been working on a new blog of late and as such have neglected Bloom a little. However, it is important that I focus some more on the new blog. I still write here, so I have not closed my blog like Teti did hers so there will always be something each week to enjoy. However for now, go take a look at the first two articles of Breaking the Habit located at

Nice Tuesday.

Friday, March 06, 2009

For a Ugandan Girl

Girl from Bristol

Waliyo omuwala asul'ebulaaya
Anti mu overseas
Eyo gyakola okuyiiya.

Kati eyo mu Bulaaya,
In a town called Bristol
Emere y'agigaaya
Okusingira ka sanya.

Totegedde ka sanya?
Mu luzungu ye lasagne.
Mbu kawooma nga ka pizza
Er'olubuto ka luganya.

Naye sitontoma ku byaateka mu kamwa
Era siyogera ku bimuwonya enjala,
Wabula njagadde muweeyo obugambo bubuno
Amanye nti gyaali, tetuukome kumwagala.

Kubanga akamwenyu ne ssanyu lye lyalina
Bitujukizza ntino Mukama atwagala,
Ng'omusana bwe gukeera ne gutuwa etaala
Naye bwamulisiza essanyu bwemusanga ne tuwaya.

Wink wink

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Don't worry about the vase..

...said the Oracle to the man.

Then in his reaction to the statement turned around and accidentally knocked it down into pieces.

After saying she would have her kids handle it, she then said;

"the question is, would you still have dropped the vase if I hadn't told you...?"

My question is would you still have lied if you hadn't been told that lying was bad?
Would you still have stolen if you hadn't been told that stealing was bad?

Cause and effect. You tell a little child not to touch the flat iron and then this increases his desire to touch the flat iron. That is what the law does to the man.

Did you know that there was no law in Israel until Moses? And that before that time there was right and wrong too? However did you know that sin increased with the introduction of the law? Why? When it should have been meant to deter people from sin.

Why is it that when told about the vase, we instinctively break it?

Because, that is our nature. That is the core of our being. That is what we have become. Our nature is to sin. Our propensity is towards evil and not good. No matter how good a man may try to be, the very core of him is struggling to be bad.

Where is the way out? For many good men out there complain that " I do not want to break the vase, but then I do." The evil I hate I do, the good I should do I don't. Why? What can the man do to escape this? "What an unhappy man I am! Who will rescue me from this body that is taking me to death?"

In the words of Paul "Thanks be to God, who does this through our Lord Jesus Christ!"

God IS love. We cannot deserve His love, we cannot work for it, we cannot earn it. This is how much He loves us, that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. His love does not depend on good and bad, it depends on His nature. His nature is love.

Some have said His love is unfair. That a molester, a paedophile, a murderer has only to repent and then be accepted into God's loving arms and kingdom. In man's eyes, especially those who think they're good enough,this is valid, however in God's eyes it is the perfect plan: that we become righteous by faith not by works.

"But to him not working, but believing on Him justifying the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness. " Romans 4:5

"Even as David also says of the blessedness of the man to whom God imputes righteousness without works,saying, "Blessed are those whose lawlessnesses are forgiven, and whose sins are covered;blessed is the man to whom the Lord will in no way impute sin." Rom 4:6-8

Don't worry about the vase...

Monday, March 02, 2009

Beautiful Women....also

Happy New Month.

End of Feb was especially a blast for me and community has a lot to do with it. After BHH, I had a small trip with friends of mine and we basically had fun.

This morning I was intrigued by Emi's beautiful women post and decided to do a list of my own. I am not antithetical to beauty as you thought, so here..

Ladies and gentlemen, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder (especially when she is not a celeb in a great studio shot); here is the choix de mes yeux. They do not appear in order of preference, except for number one- she is beautiful, truly.

1.Erika Christensen

From the moment I first laid eyes on her, I knew we were meant to be. That's why each Tuesday 11:20pm, my eyes are glued on the tele screen, NTV. I saw her first on the series Six degrees but there is a resemblance she has to a beloved...

2.Charlize Theron

3.Eva Longoria

4.Christina Milian

...this is not because of the dip it low song people, okay?! She is genuinely beautiful. Honest.

5.Gabrielle Union

6.Jessica Alba

7.Amy Lee

Okay, this is the best picture of her I could put up. I am loyal, she helped me a lot when I had just joined campus; those Evanescence musics of hers touched the very core of my soul...I was almost lost in her gothic prison!

8.Kate Beckinsale

I kind of like women with long black hair, so the truth is I think I liked Selene (Underworld) and then Anna Valerious (Van Helsing) and eventually Kate herself. Naye she struck me for riyo.

9.Lisa Kimmey

How can I forget this woman? I know she got married to a Winans, so now she is a Winans but in addition to her great voice as lead singer of the retired Out of Eden, she had a killer smile and divine beauty. Check out one of their best songs here and then this interview with the group and share your thoughts maybe?

10.Stacie Orrico

Christian crush. However I do not deny she is beautiful.


Talking of beautiful women, a study here explains why beautiful women marry less attractive men. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Otherwise, for all the women readin this blog, no beef please and make sure to check with Proverbs 31 to find out your progress. Beauty is more than physical, it transcends what we see. So whereas the women above are beautiful to the eye, the real question should be, are they beautiful to the heart?

Nice week my peoples. Much love.