Tuesday, December 23, 2008

True Love's Form (poem)

True Love's Form
Joel Ntwatwa

Put your heart where my eyes can see,
Lay bare all your soul to me.
Can I steal a glance into your thoughts?
Can I be sure your love's not a plot?

Where is friendship without gain?
Where was beauty seen in what was plain?
Love seems easy to do
When there's something to gain from you.

Words are always easy to say
When the chest is empty and the heart's away,
The promises that seemed to weigh
Turn from golden array to old and grey.

So will a real friend please stand up?
Someone who didn't regard you as the X on a treasure map?
Will a person tell me then
That they began to love
Without expecting gain?

Could somebody finally say
That they loved you indeed?
Not because of a thing they sensed
That made you smell like frankincense?

That even though you were short and stout or tall and thin,
Arrogant, irritable or gentle and meek
they loved you with no trophy to seek?
Make our eyes see what love is meant to be,
A lender that forgets the debtor
A giver that gives with heart not head.


Love is my message to all of us this Christmas.
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