Monday, December 01, 2008

My weekend

My weekend, although almost plundered by an unwelcome bout of dios (from eating a day old pizza) turned out to be a good one. I had a wedding to attend on Saturday and would be privileged with the company of a most beautiful lady for the reception. Everything should have gone well except for that stomach disruption which took six hours to dissipate.

It began minutes before the service at KPC and I had to dart into the toilets to cause some calm before I would take part in the service. So, after that I witnessed the first ever wedding of a friend. I have been to weddings but this meant more than all I had attended. My friend became a man! He said "I do". I was challenged by the vows. Can I say that to a woman now? To love and to hold...sickness and health, poverty and disease, till death do us part.... banange.. commitment!

Anyway, I got to meet an old churchgoer. She is married to the best man of my friend. These two are young my friends! She got married in May and I bet I am older than her by some... Anyway, it was great seeing her again.

So, the service ends and I decide it would be wise to go for lunch while I wait for 3pm to pick my date and head to the reception. Little did I know, the stomach was still recovering and when I put there matooke and beef, the feeling returned. I do not trust city toilets so I walked back to KPC and eased again.

By now I was frustrated! So I bought a dosage of flagyl and waited for it to take effect while I walked to kiyembe to meet some guys who eventually never turned up. The feeling was persisting so I decided to get back to Kansanga, in the refuge of office and cool off.

The flagyl worked finally and 5:30 I was ready to go.

Embarrassment is when your date calls you when you're running real late. Oba I am beginning to fall for her again..she is quite patient with me. And oh-those eyes and smile, she is lovely really.

So I made it there at few minutes past six; I mean her place. She looked love..BEAUTIFUL. So we set out to the venue but as we proceeded, alas! Her shoe-thingy (someone help me with this word, it eludes me)- strap disengaged. And then she said "Why does this have to happen now!". We were still close to her place and could have walked back but she decided to keep on going.

It would be too far for the walk so we got on a bod-b(God bless the mothers of these guys) and got there in a few. First thing she said (okay, not really the first) was that "The food is over!" Apparently we had come too late for the kimere.

My friend (who is married now) is a man of honour, he declared the reception would start at 3pm and end at 8pm. I thought he was joking.... So, we got there just in time to see the bride and groom cutting cake. And cake was about the only thing we ate there! Plus a soda for the drink.

However it was not a loss because we got to talk with the lovely dame. She has kb and I like that in a woman. I ended up spending the evening with her and my cousin who couldn't back off! For God's sake, couldn't he bring a date. Anyway it was all good because it just made the experience better; she, myself and my cousin- I got to do a lot of listening though, to the both of them.

Apparently I got to spend some extra dimes on her supper because we had missed the kimere and well she had missed kimere by now.

All in all I enjoyed her presence.

Sunday went to Church. Was moved by the testimony of a Living Hope beneficiary. A cell member came to meet her need when she was really doing badly because of the disease-HIV/AIDS. She got better and gave her life to Christ, so did members of her family and now she has living hope.

Then my weekend went into mental pause...till Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-1! Woohoo... Did your weekend rock like mine?
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