Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas- ish feeling

I have nothing much to say today. However, I would like to thank God for again not turning His back on me. Thank you Father.

It is Christmas time. I am feeling it this time. The love of God. So I have began playing Christmas music and it is so nice. People do not wait for the day itself, play those rhymes now!! It is a season, not a day. So I have been building a ka little play list and it is nice.

Some songs from it are here:

  1. Transiberian Orchestra- O come all ye faithful
  2. Bing Crosby- Do you hear what I hear?
  3. Celtic Woman- Carol of the bells.
  4. Kenny G- We three Kings.

etc etc..

It's wonderful really. I never thought a season would make me feel so good. Also it is almost my birthday know. If you need my address, I can give it on you can send all those nice gifts.

Otherwise, I am loving it.

May God bless this week for all bloggers. Much love.
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