Sunday, May 29, 2011

Leaving May.

Isn't it weird that it seems I always write an end of month post? Hmm...

May. Is going away.

I remember that as April came to an end, I thanked God for certain good things and hoped to do some new good in May. Well, the fifth month of the year is over and now we are crossing into the second half of 2011.

One. If there was actually a rapture and it took a select few, then I am in trouble. It means no more grace; this translates into getting what we deserve, earning our salvation, henceforth meaning we must all be on our best behaviour even after accepting the good Lord and Saviour. Not that we behaving badly was sanctioned before the rapture, but that after the rapture, there is no grace, no cover for your wrongs. Thank God Jesus is the picture of grace. Thank God for grace. With it, we can actually live a life pleasing to Him even when we are so weak (of course through faith- Eph 2:8)

Besides that, there are things I thought I would have done by the sixth month but the machinery for bringing them is taking its time. I am still patient though, because I have hope, I have a dream and will keep believing till I see these things come to pass.

Now, May has been particularly victorious. I was able to form a mutual benefit friendship with a very wise person and we are both reaping from the support we give each other. Iron sharpens iron, they say- cannot be truer. The Word says that two are better than one, one person puts 1000 men to flight, two people put 10,000 men to flight. So I am glad for the victories that are out of friendship that is honest and supportive.

However, scoffers were shouting very loudly in this month and for the past few days, I felt like I had no faith whatsoever! I was scared! Uneasy. Unhappy. Only for grace did I get the courage to pray and tell Him about it and already I am feeling better.

Love is funny. But it is beautiful too.

I am hoping for a June that is far greater in excellence than May. I know it is possible- I am believing and praying. May has been a testimony that God actually hears us when we pray and sends us the help we need.

Come June. You are already blessed.
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