Saturday, March 20, 2010

...So, the prank caller, and etc

She must have laughed her self silly, to think that a whole Nevender failed to deduce it was she playin the prank... Aha. This time she got me.

Just before I said good night two days ago, she said "good night Nev,"...and I was like, what did you call me? "Nev"... Now, you must understand, I gave her full doubt benefits, even those of not pursuing clues. So I was like okay, and she laughed. I said goodnight, not really thinking that it could have been her.

Last night I asked, "Do you any of your friends have my number?"

She laughed again- that laugh that gives one away but still I had given her so much benefits of doubt that she had to nudge me and say " It was me, okay?"

Nev:What??!! Hahaha...You played the prank?
Prank caller:Yes.
Nev:That wasn't you on the phone.
Prank caller:It was my relative who called.
Prank caller:Yeah, did not want to keep you in suspense any more
Nev:I wasn't in suspense, it was just funny, was wondering who it was
Prank caller:I can't believe you failed to figure it out
Prank caller:Coz, it should have been obvious. I was expecting you to call me and say, nice one..
Nev: I knew it was a prank. There are no doctor love shows at 7:22pm.
Prank caller: But it was funny. She (Miss Jackson) said you sounded amazed that they knew your name.
Nev: Like I said, not many call me Nev.
Prank caller: It would have been better if the caller ID hadn't shown, haha.
Nev: Hmmm... you liked it.
Prank caller: Yes, haha

...and a whole yada yada..

So, she keeps upsetting the balance of power this one. Keeps revealing new angles of herself much to my surprise! Ahem...I need my vitamins- she has outwitted me one too many. I guess I have to turn my cheek, coz this one cannot be revenged.

In other news, Maria of the chucking fame finally gave up. After six years of faithfulness, she died. I am not taking her for repair. I will let her rest in peace.


Quote line- Hurting people hurt people.

Don't be the one who hurts someone because you're hurting. Vent, give it to Jesus and be clean of your pain.
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