Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am not her boyfriend

Yes. I insist.

I am currently going through a time when sincerely, how can anyone think I am their boyfriend..HMM?

So, I get a call while enjoying cell from a number I do not have stored in my phonebook. I say hallo, and hear a female voice on the other side- let us call her Miss Jackson.

Miss Jackson: Hi.
Miss Jackson: Can you tell me the name of your girlfriend?
Nev: Girlfriend? Hahaha. Who wants to know?
Miss Jackson: You're Nev, aren't you?
Nev: Why?
Miss Jackson: Just tell me the name of your girlfriend, she's on the line and is listening.
Nev: Hahaha... Are you serious?
Miss Jackson: You're nev, aren't you?
Nev: I am, but why are you asking?
Miss Jackson: I want you to tell me the name of your girlfriend, she is on the line, listening.

(It is 7:22pm, Wednesday, do they do any Doctor Love shows at such a time? Moreover, there is need to report Kasubi tombs and Makerere Uni. This cannot be a radio. If it is, maybe it is Wakasanke Fm.)

Nev: But how can I tell you her name when I have none?
Miss Jackson: She is on the line listening. So you're saying you have no girlfriend?
Nev: I am single. Nev is a single dude.
Miss Jackson: You're sure you have no girlfriend?
Nev: I have no girlfriend. I am single.
Miss Jackson: Okay.

(dead tone) She cannot be serious. She just hang up. Hahahaha....

I try calling back two times and Miss Jackson doesn't pick. I say easy.

I jump back to cell..the hymn we're singing is " Bind us together Lord, bind us together, with chords that cannot be broken.....bind us together Lord bind us together, bind us together with Love.....

The irony.

I resume singing the hymn, half laughing! Oh.. my life is interesting... Crank call? They got my name right. So which of you bloggers is upto this? Eh?!!! I have no girlfriend; neither do I have an ex, okay, whoever you are....

It was funny though.

I am hoping to come for BHH though...Rev,I love your new blog. Oh and guys, the porkaty- you're all invited, as long as you give to Ceasar by 25th March his 10k.

on the radio- Miss Jackson- Outkast.
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