Thursday, July 02, 2009

Week's randomnevies

There's a new lady that brings lunch for me and is she interesting. Me and the one who used to bring lunch jazz in Luganda so no one had a problem. So me I speak Luganda coz I'm comfortable with it and I speak it with whoever I am sure is comfortable with it. So this lady comes; one look at her and I am sure she can speak the language. Not only that the one who used to bring the food has brought her for introductions- she will be taking over. Me I delve right into my Luganda and guess what, she turns to English! Hmm? Odd! Why speak English when Luganda is obviously easier. For you. I first heed and speak with her in English but after some time go back to Lugy. No sooner have I spoken two phrases atleast than she interjects in English! Eh eh...laba omuwala!

Anyway, that is the least of my week's crazy moments. Nga I declare Tuesday evening Transformers' night at cineplex. I even call my ka friend mbu I take her out for a movie. I hooked up with Safyre and headed to Garden City. All was well because I had planned 12k expense, and if any further-20k. So we head to the box office and guess what...mbu due to restrictions, half price won't apply to Transformers! Ayii!! Should I go back? But the ka-friend is coming. I can't turn movie plot into evening walk plot. Thank God I moved with Safyre and atm otherwise....

This question is directed to all the ladies.Is it true that when a guy asks you out you decide mbu he has fallen for you? There's this chick giving me headaches.
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