Thursday, June 04, 2009

Dinah's sorrow. (Short story)

Lying down in the theatre with doctors pacing to and fro about her, she never would have imagined that she would be alone at this crucial moment. The pains in her womb were growing but she had no one to cry to. The angry nurses that surrounded her gave icy stares that in essence told her to shut up. All she could do was groan silently, avoiding to make too much noise.

Hillary was not here. He would have encouraged her but he had gone back home. He was very tired. He said the doctors were all she needed now. She refused to complain.

Dinah was out of school and married. She was working at a Telecom company. She was married to Hillary who once was the refuge she ran to. They had met during lunch hour fellowships at school and God had spoken to them in their dreams that they were meant to be together. So they had told everyone that they were meant to be forever. They received the blessings of the fellowship's Papa and Mama as well as the other brethren and proceeded into a loving relationship. At that time she was in second year and he had graduated and got a job in a private accounting firm. Things seemed rosy.

Dinah loved her mom very much, mostly due to the fact that she was her only child- the miracle child. Her mom had had 7 other births but had lost all of them at delivery- she had a condition of the uterus. Her mom had been married off at 14, even her mom before that, and her mom. The reason was that if they took long to give birth, they would end up without children. The uterus in their line aged very quickly.

Her mom gave birth to her at 20, a miracle considering she had lost 7 by then. She was at that time forsaken by the husband who had given up on her. He had got himself 4 other wives by then and had 3 children from each. She was scolded constantly by her rivals who were older. They scorned her because she was younger yet was infertile.

Growing up in such an environment developed a special bond between Dinah and her mom. By God's provision, she had managed to study at good schools, always on scholarship and always excelling. From Gayaza she went to MUK and studied Human Resource where she met Hillary.

Along the way, she had discovered that walking with God would save her from many troubles and thus she gave her life over to Him. He would guide her, protect her, comfort her, teach her and love her.

Then she met Hillary. He was amazing. He always reassured her when she was feeling sad, always reminded her to pray and trust God when things were going badly, generally he was a friend and a brother. He loved her for who she was.

After they both received visions from the LORD about each other, Dinah tried to be as open as she could to him. She began a habit of total trust and decided never to lie to him.

It was one evening as they talked about God's grace that she brought up a topic she was afraid of bringing up.

"Honey, I think we should pray."

"Pray for what in particular?" He asked.

"My womb."

"Your womb? "

He looked puzzled?

"We've never done that before? I mean yes we will want children but I do not think the time is yet right for us."

"I know. Just that it would be better if we did it earlier."

"Why? Is there a problem with your womb? But am I even the right person to talk to about this? Have you talked to pastor?"

"I haven't, I thought it was better if I talk to you first coz..."

He paused.

"What's wrong Dinah?"

She looked down, fear rising in her due to the words she would say awhile.

"My mom gave birth to me at twenty." She paused, instinctively waiting for him to ask a question.

"What's wrong with that? Mine gave birth to me at 18?"

"The thing is, I am an only child. She lost seven children before me. I was the only one that survived. She could not give birth beyond that. Her womb had grown old. I fear that even mine is..."

He was taken aback by the revelation.

"You mean you cannot...?"

For 180 seconds, Hillary did not speak. He thought of his family, it was big. He was the first born, probable heir to his Father. He had been a good first born, studied well, got a good job with good pay, looked after his brothers and sisters and did not waste time doing useless things like going to the club. He was a role model. He dreamed he would pass these values on to his son. His son...his son.. He would have a son of course, and he would have a son properly. He would never do it outside marriage, if he did what message would that send? Dinah would be a perfect wife and... mother...?? Her womb was decaying?!! But God showed him in a vision that she was the one! God surely wanted him to have children, did He not?

"I do not know. That's why I wanted us to pray."


He had never thought that he ever would consider prayer a meaningless thing to do, yet now he asked himself what assurance prayer had for him. He was supposed to marry her and have children. An heir. What if he married her and the children never came?

"Get a hold of yourself man." He whispered to himself,

"Abraham got an heir at 100 years old. Trust God."

"Hillary, Hillary!" She shook him because he seemed lost.

"Sorry, yes?"

"I went to the gynaecologist recently and I did not get good news. They said, if this year passed, I would have no chance of giving birth and I did not want to pressure you into marriage...."

"Don't tell me this is how you tell me you want us to get married" He interrupted rudely,

"No, I just wanted you to know."

"I can't imagine this..."

"I told you because I think prayer is the only way out." As she said it she looked at him hoping she could see the affection that was always in his eyes. She searched but did not find it.

"You pray, I wasn't ready for this. I need to cool off." Then he walked away.

That moment changed their lives.

She was now agonising, the only thing being said in the room was the word "push". Sweat frolicked down her face, and she recalled the numerous times she was in this position, on their marriage bed trying to get a baby. He had married her a short while after their conversation but it seemed the only thing on his mind was sex. He wanted a child.

One day the look in his eye was terrifying, blood shot; he had taken a little more wine than he should. And he had pushed and pushed and pushed. In her eyes, Hillary did not exist, she saw a crazy man. In his eyes was no affection, only lust. It was then she realised, he was cheating on her.

This time the pain consumed her and she screamed.

"Push woman, he is coming! Push!"

At their home, in their bed, he was screaming too. She knew it.

Finally the baby came out. They told her he was perfect. She could not help crying yet her tears were mixed with pain and joy. She thanked God He had heard her prayer and given her and Hillary a child but she also knew this was not Hillary's only child. It was three years since their wedding and it is now that her womb was opened, healed, but wasn't it too late to salvage their marriage?


Hi people, hope you enjoy that piece. Now, could someone let me know when and where Lantern Meet will next take place? Thanks.
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