Wednesday, October 04, 2006


 now, this is my life ths week. two tests on the weekend, two meetings, invited for three graduation far and want to go for youth service on Friday at KPC. What shall become of me? Man,  this three days have been quite enthralling, i have had one lecture so far, missed a practical of a lecturer who claims she informed everyone about it and well excited coz school stops today till next Tuesday, well..yeah except that i have two tests this weekend!!
God is good, if i must remind you. On Monday during powerpoint(MCC CELL- makerere community church cell) there was a prayer request from my friend Allen who's cousin's wife was over due. Now since we have been taught faith i felt a fire in my Spirit to pray as we finished, okay there were many other prayer items and i was given another but i also prayed for the induction of labour pains. Now we prayed, believed and then spiritually received. So yesterday i meet Allen going to Timothy Class(discipleship class in MCC) and she breaks to me news of how her cousin's wife gave birth!!! I said GOD IS GREAT!!!!!
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