Saturday, October 18, 2014

Day 6 #UgBloggers7Days

This is the eleventh hour. The day before the final day of the challenge. I am not surprised by the number of posts today. Nonetheless I am totally appreciative of the quality of today's posts.

Day 6
  1. Nare - What's the Role of Ministry of Information?
                Human error playing a key role in #Ebola survival not the healthcare system
  2. Scare-a-Hero - The Day Stephen Bought Some New Car Insurance
                             Go Straight to the Top to Get Services Fixed
  3. Pru's Notebook - The Tale of a Lost TV Remote
  4. Rabelah's World - My Colorful Week
  5. Darlyne Komukama Photography - A Partially Submerged Boat
  6. Kahill Insights - Where Are You From?
  7. It's Never That Serious - Jack of All Trades
  8. Hope Never Runs Dry - Two is Company (Pesty Pets)
  9. In Bits of Many Stories - A Poem for Mama
  10. Ibrahim WK Batambuze IV - Who Are Our Heroes?
  11. Sanyu Means Joy - The Fault in Our Ugandan TV Commercials
  12. Elmer Spot On - Ugandan Music
  13. Futures Past - When the Sun Sets
  14. Fodexpressions - Deal Or No Deal!
  15. sheME - Are Ssengas Relevant in the Dot Com Era?
  16. Comic Tales From Uganda - The Craft of Being an Omwogezi
  17. Joel Jjemba's Blog - That is All I Want
  18. Ortegaian - The Value of Networking
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