Friday, October 17, 2014

Day 4 of #UgBloggers7Days

Hello Uganda, the World and bloggers united. This is a recap of Day 4 of the Uganda 7 Days Blogging Challenge. Yes, there is a growing consistency among many bloggers. New bloggers keep entering the challenge as well. Keep on and enjoy the blogs from Day 4.

Day 4

  1. Etemperance - I am not my hair
  2. Impressions - On Jobs Rejected, Jobs Accepted, and Nuggets of Wisdom
  3. Em Sixteen - Why Men Cheat
  4. IT Barbie - Dear Miss Rhimes
  5. Darlyne Komukama Photography - Fort Portal Astonishes Me
  6. Owek Lwasa Lukwago - Married To My Sparkling Brown Nile Special Bottle
  7. Pru's Notebook - Coming Clean: Forgive Me Napoleon
  8. Blog | EnviriZaNacho - Loc Twisting
                                           The Fabulous Flat Twist Out
                                           My Best Flat Twist Out Ever
                                           September Give Away Recap
  9. Spartakkusug - No, You Are Not God
  10. Blugolobi - I Never Thought I'd Fall in Love With a Woman
  11. Omukama'Akugizibwe Gilbert Ricky - Sober to High! Thoughts Written.
  12. DVDWilson66 - A Woman's Body A Work of Art (Wouldn't Change A Thing)
  13. Hope Never Runs Dry - Sickness in a Time of Plague
  14. CarloTess's Blog - I Just Want to be Held
  15. Lovers Only Vol.2 - Track 4: Youth Daughter
  16. Kakande Alex - A Road Constructed in Mucky Potholes
  17. Sanyu Means Joy - Recipe for Disaster
  18. An Editor's Dream - All For You
  19. Kwera Says - Texting
  20. Olee Branch - Team Work: The Main & The Side Squeeze
  21. Futures Past - Religion Might Drive Our Economy Into Turmoil
  22. It's Never That Serious - Mummy's Prrrrrrrrrl
  23. Erawko - Reverse Metamorphosis
  24. Elmer Spot On - Black Yellow Red
  25. Gemstone - Movie Blues
  26. Joel Jjemba's Blog - Joel Jjemba Talks to Joel Jjemba
  27. Ibrahim W.K Batambuze - The Society in My Mirror
  28. In Bits of Many Stories - The Biggest Let Down of This Continent
  29. Kahill Insights - What is the Topic?
  30. Angelo Opi-Aiya Izama - Ali Mazrui In Memoriam: On Museveni's retirement, the coming oil boom and exile from Uganda
  31. sheME - Life Oh Life.....
  32. Paul Kisakye - The Art of Drifting
  33. The Ruminating Sphere - Friendship
  34. Roaring Thoughts - I am Busy
  35. Fodexpressions - Cups of tea, Mandazi and a few beers is all it requires.
  36. MujuziEmmaK - Campus Relationships
  37. Comic Tales From Uganda - The Spaghetti Test
  38. 500versus - I want to be BAD, bite me!
  39. Rabelah's World - The Perks of Technology
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