Thursday, March 12, 2009


Vain hope

Where is the fruit of your promise?
The hope you said would become tangible?
This waiting feels like rotting flesh
For the time past shows me nothing.

What of the words you said?
The times you made me feel loved?
There were days my heart was excited
But now it's a cold and pale outcome.

I see despair,
Hearts about to implode.
You have made us restless, eyes pregnant
Our eyes fail to glow, tears want to fall.

We want to escape, to be alone
Away from vain hope, away from our friends;
Those friends think we're something we're not.
See, the burden that fills my woes.

You said I would handle it,
But I can't,
I have tried, you know I have tried
What shall I do now?

Who else should should I address
Whose power have I trusted?

I rather suffer alone
And deal with my anger,
Yet the joy that should make me strong
Has been taken away from them!

If tears you see,
They are my release..
This hope should never run dry
But the sun scorches on...
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