Tuesday, January 07, 2014



See I have been reading you.

Reading, you;
from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet.
I have been reading your notes,
following your heartbeat through your hands
letter by letter, syllable by syllable.
I have been following you
through your ascents and descents and winding curves.
I have been reading you
following the stars in your eyes,
the cherry on your lips,
the caramel on your skin.
I have been listening to your breath,
your song, your voice;
they that accompany your hands,
your feet, your waist,
they that sync in rhythm.

I have been reading you.

I have felt the cadence and the tone.
Heard the whispers and the screams,
snickers and laughs.
I overheard the pain and the moans,
the sadness and the regret.
I pressed further to hear the hope and the dreams. 

I came eye to eye,
ear to ear,
heart to heart ,
mind to mind
with another soul.

A whole new universe
with a constellation of emotions,
joined together by different times,
places and people.

I came to a new frontier and placed a white flag.
The sky was golden, the sand was brown.
There was a river flowing, waterfalls in the distance.
Hope in the future,
Life in the air
Love pervading my whole being. 

I came to a new life.

I came to you.

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