Thursday, November 30, 2006


Oh has it been loooong!! By the way you can imagine I am still apprehensive of resumption of MUK activities. Not because I do not love to study, I jus don't like being stressed. There is some hommie seated at the main gate mbu hunger striking for the "gov't to open the campus in three days". Bro, this fella loves to sound like the beloved Messiah... This is the same hommie who let dwn his fellow reps by not doing anything to support campus "politics" and was known only in these cbs and radio one "people's platforms".( I av forgotten the local names). Anyway, is he trying to redeem self?

Cece Winans is coming to Uganda! Good news for some of us. Tell u a crazy story? Once had a crush on some chic called Priscilla. Now, if u havent noticed, i am called Benjamin so i used to day dream of Bebe and Cece... coz Cece's a short form for Priscilla, and Bebe...well u guessed it.

Am only still looking for a 10/g - note given being off campus restricts one's parents from supporting day to day activities like dates, Papa San concerts etc.

Meanwhile we have leaks saying we are returning to campus on 3rd and shall start off with exams. Holy....oh--blasphemy! Sorry, I shall see a counsellor to help me handle that shock!!

The keys of this keyboard are so hard you could cut diamond on them. Oh!! 1 more thing that makes off campus life a hustle...
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